21 Reasons Why Bass Fishing Is So Popular

Fishing is a complex sport, and the difficulty level of catching each fish is different. Nevertheless, bass fishing is popular among fishing enthusiasts, and the reason is listed below.

Catching a bass fish is considered easier than catching most fish. People new to fishing prefer catching bass fish to gain fishing experience and knowledge. Moreover, largemouth bass fish found in ponds and lakes are easier targets for most fishing enthusiasts.

This article talks about why bass fishing is so popular and additional related information, so follow the article until the end.

What’s Bass Fishing?

In general, fishing involves catching any fish found in the water body. Bass fishing is somewhat different. 

The term “Bass fishing” mainly focuses on catching bass fish (whether smallmouth or largemouth bass fish). The target areas include water bodies densely populated with bass fish, and people aim to capture them while ignoring other fish in the pond.

While largemouth bass fish live in closed water bodies, smallmouth bass fish live in cold water and great lakes. Both have ample meat and flesh, becoming ideal for human consumption.

Why Is Bass Fishing So Fun- 7 Reasons

Largemouth bass caught by smiling fisherman

Below are the reasons for the increased popularity of bass fishing.

  1. Bass fish, whether smallmouth or largemouth, are considered unintelligent creatures, becoming very easy to catch.
  2. They don’t fight back a lot when caught, unlike other fish.
  3. The availability of flesh and meat (as discussed above) offers enough food hence preferred by many people.
  4. Luring a bass fish is very easy. Throwing the bait in the water attracts multiple bass fish trying to get the bait. As a result, there are high chances of catching several fish in less time. People with zero fishing luck will find it easier to catch them, which helps boost their confidence.
  5. Bass fish get attracted to artificial baits as well.
  6. There are several techniques suited for catching them; hence it’s always fun.
  7. They can be attracted with a frog lure. Throw a frog lure, and bass fish will hit them hard and will strike out of water. It creates a funny and dramatic scene; that’s why bass fishing is so fun.

Baiting Tips

Below are a few baiting tips for bass fishing.

  1. Bass fish don’t easily get attracted to bait that moves too much.
  2. It’s essential to drop the bait and let the fish try to eat it. Always remember that patience is key to catching a fish.
  3. Live bait, especially worms, are considered the best bait options. However, artificial lures will work as well. Rubber worms are one such option.
  4. Carry deep-sea fishing charters when going out to catch sea bass.

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14 Reasons Why It’s So Popular

In addition to the reasons above, see a few more explanations why bass fishing is so popular.

  1. You can leave your fishing spot for a while with the fishing rod still in place. Bass fish can still get trapped to the bait even if no one’s attending the fishing rod.
  2. You don’t mandatorily require extra hands when catching them. With average physical strength, you can catch a bass fish by yourself.
  3. Use any hook sets, and you’ll have enough luck catching multiple fish.
  4. They’re naturally unintelligent, hence becoming highly vulnerable to being caught.
  5. It requires relatively less time to catch a bass fish than other saltwater and freshwater fish.
  6. No need to be extra cautious or super-attentive while fishing. People can enjoy drinks while fishing.
  7. Bass fishing isn’t tiring at all. Do it all day all night and still feel energetic.
  8. It’s not so important to prepare for bass fishing in advance. Just plan a fishing trip even at work.
  9. It’s always fun watching bass fish flying and striking in the air in an attempt to eat the bait.
  10. If you’re looking forward to catching the fish and not taking it home, catch them and release them.
  11. It’s perfectly fine to use topwater baits for luring bass fish.
  12. No need to dress differently when going bass fishing. Wear whatever you want.
  13. Since it’s effortless to catch them, even seniors can enjoy fishing.
  14. The sport is ideal for kids to get started with fishing. The risk of kids getting hurt is significantly less, allowing you to enjoy fishing with your family.


Man holding a largemouth bass over a river.

While bass fishing is fun (proved above), there are a few myths associated with them discussed below:

Dormant Nature In Cold Water

It’s often believed that bass fish become dormant in the water with the decreasing temperature. Fish can adapt to changing temperatures to survive. As the water freezes, their movement starts reducing, and the digestion slows down, making them dormant in cold water.

However, they’ll still bite hard in lakes even if the water is freezing. However, it becomes easier to catch large bass under ice due to its dormant nature. Food consumption of bass fish at 40 degrees is three times less than what they eat at 70 degrees. Reduced food consumption leads to reduced energy, making it even easier for people to catch them during winters.

Attraction Towards Red Hooks

Some people say that bass fish are more attracted to red hooks than other colors since it resembles blood. We’ve already learned that bass fish are brainless. A few studies suggest that the vision of bass fish is meant to detect red color hassle-free than other colors.

They can differentiate between colors and shades. So, use red hooks, red line, or red bait; they’ll all help attract bass fish conveniently. 

However, they are capable of identifying useless baits. They can recognize and learn which baits are beneficial for them and which baits are dangerous.

It Demands a Big And Fast Boat To Catch Fish

Fast bass boat speeding to the fishing hole

You’ll hear from several people that catching a bass fish demands a fast and big boat, which isn’t so true. There are still countless fishermen who’re catching bass fish with underpowered boats. 

The idea of using small boats is that it becomes easier to take it in small water bodies with a dense population of bass fish. 

They’ll displace less water if moving slowly. Moreover, fast boats generate noise that’s enough to make the fish go to the other corner of the pond or lake

However, fast boats will allow you to reach the fishing spot in no time. They’re more comfortable as well.

Fishing Tournaments Are Reducing Bass Population

Thousands of fishing competitions are hosted around the country every year that cause a reduction in the bass population. However, the competition demands weighing the caught fish to find the winner. 

As stated previously, you can catch and release a bass fish. So it’s pretty safe to conclude that competitions aren’t harming their population.

Bigger The Bait, Bigger The Bass

Bass are lured by red bait irrespective of their appearance. It can be live or artificial. It’s wrong to believe that throwing a larger bait will attract a more prominent bass. A mere small artificial bait is sometimes enough to attract several fish at once. 

Some studies suggest that bass fish can eat food half their length. So if you’ve thrown an 8-inch bait, don’t be surprised to see a 16-inch bass trying to consume it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s a largemouth bass?

They’re aggressive fish known to attack live appearing things. The name is given due to the largemouth they possess. When fully opened, its width can equal its body’s width.

What’s the habitat of a largemouth bass?

Most fish will hide behind the rocks, water vegetation, under the roots of trees under the water and prefer calm and quiet water. So expect them to be found in rivers, small water bodies, or even under ice.

What do they eat?

Perch, sunfish, and minnows are their preferred food. Additionally, they feed on aquatic birds, frogs, insects, and crayfish. Shockingly, they’re an apex predator when living in their preferred environment.

Conclusion – Reasons Why Bass Fishing is so Popular

By the end of this article, you’ve learned 21 reasons (divided into multiple sections) why bass fishing is so fun and popular. Bass fishing is indeed fun, but precautions are essential. Many people prefer fancy jerseys when out for fishing. For even more fun, consider taking a bass boat designed especially for bass fishing.

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