Garmin Striker 4 Review – Mark Hot Fishing Spots with Ease!

Product: Garmin Striker 4 
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Product Dimensions: 3.6 x 1.6 x 5.9 inches
Shipping Weight: 2.2 Pounds
Guarantee: 2-year Limited Warranty
My Rating: 9.8 Out of 10

Garmin Striker 4 Overview

Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 with Transducer, 3.5" GPS Fishfinder with Chirp Traditional Transducer

In this Garmin Striker 4 review, I will show you everything you need to know about the Garmin Striker 4 sonar fishfinder. You will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not this fish finder is right for you.

The Garmin Striker 4 is a state-of-the-art fishfinder with realistic graphics and a high sensitivity GPS that lets you mark those spots on the lake that you are killing it with the fish so that you can go back to that fishing spot time and time again.

You can also share your locations with other echo maps and striker combinations.

The Striker 4 has a built-in flasher and displays your speed data. This fish finder includes the CHIRP (77/200 kHz) transducer with trolling motor and transom cable, and mounting hardware. This makes the Garmin Striker 4 easily accessible. You mount it wherever is most convenient for you.


  • Highly Sensitive CHIRP Transducer GPS Navigation
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Chrystal Clear Sonar Images
  • Records Your Trolling Speed
  • Mark Your Favorite Fishing Spots For Future Use
  • Can Be Mounted On Trolling Motor or Transom
  • Built-in Flasher Useful For Ice Fishing and Jigging For Crappies


  • Higher Performance CHIRP Transducers Sold Separately
  • Carrying Case Not Included

Sonar Images Are Crystal Clear With The CHIRP Transducer

Garmin Striker 4 Fishfinder

Like I said the Garmin CHIRP transducer is included in this fish finder. If you have one, it is a 77/200 kHz transducer that can be mounted on the transom or the trolling motor. The CHIRPS clarity is superb with much higher quality visibility of the fish and surrounding structure than the traditional 77/200 kHz transducers.

This is possible because the CHIRP transducer sends out a continuous array of frequencies instead of just one. These frequencies range from high to low and are interrupted individually when they return. The CHIRP sonar technology brings in a lot of information from a broader range. This creates more evident fish arches with a more significant target of separation.

You can upgrade to the GT8 or GT15 transducer if you want even higher performance CHIRP. These two are sold separately. They provide even clearer sonar images, better resolution, and target separation from shallow to deeper depths. The bottom contours are much clearer even with faster speeds with these upgrades.

Superb Navigation with The Garmin Striker 4 Fishfinder

Never get lost again with the highly sensitive GPS the Striker 4 fishfinder offers. It’s very accurate at letting you know where you are and can maintain your GPS positioning anywhere you go on the lake or river.

With this fish finder, you can mark where the fish are biting on the lake so you can return to that spot in the future. It can also mark boat ramps and docks for future reference, making it easier to find your way out of the lake when you are done fishing. A path is created on the screen, so you follow that to where you want to go.

This is especially useful when you are fishing in a massive lake that you have never fished before or are fishing on one of the great lakes. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find your way out.

Know Your Speed

With the Striker 4 fishfinder you can know the exact speed you are going by glancing over at the screen. This helps when you are trolling for fish so you know exactly what speed you are at for the different kinds of lures you may be using. It is also useful in wake-controlled areas where you need to know your speed so that you don’t create waves.

The Striker 4 Fishfinder Has a Built-in Flasher

The flasher works well when you are not in the boat like fishing onshore, crappie jigging, or ice fishing. The flasher shows you what the bottom of the lake is made of if it’s a muddy or a rock-solid bottom.

It will also show you the weight of your lure or live bait and how deep the fish are when they swim into the sonar beam. You can also see how far your bait or lure is being lifted and if the fish swim towards it or away from it. The built-in flasher is one of my favorite features of this sonar fishfinder.

Main Fishfinder Features of The Garmin Striker 4

  • 3.5” Color Screen
  • Easy To Use Keypad Operation
  • Mark Your Locations On The Lake such as where the fish are biting and where your loading and unloading ramps and docks are. You can also map out weed beds and rock piles.
  • CHIRP (77/200 kHz) sonar transducer is included; transmit power (200 W RMS)/(1,600 W peak-to-peak)
  • Split-screen zoom
  • Ultrascroll® (displays fish targets at higher boat speeds)
  • AutoGain Technology (minimizes clutter, maximizes targets)
  • Fish Symbol ID (helps identify fish targets)
  • Adjustable depth line (measures the depth of underwater objects)
  • Water temperature sensor included
  • Tilt/swivel mount
  • Integrated GPS
  • A-scope (real-time display of fish passing through transducer beam)
  • Mark Waypoints
  • Course over Ground (COG)
  • Current draw @ 12V: 0.23A

Sonar Features and Specifications

  • Dual-frequency (50/200 kHz) sonar capable
  • Dual-beam (77/200 kHz) sonar capable
  • Supported Frequencies: Traditional: 50/77/200 kHz; CHIRP (mid and high)
  • Transmit power: 200 W (RMS)
  • Maximum depth: 1,600 ft freshwater*, 750 ft saltwater*
  • Bottom lock (shows return from the bottom up)
  • Water temperature log and graph

General Information

  • Physical dimensions: 3.6” x 5.9” x 1.6”
  • Display size: 1.9” x 2.9”; 3.5” diagonal
  • Display resolution: 480 x 320 pixels
  • Display Type: HGVA color
  • Weight: 8.1 Ounces
  • Water Rating IPX7

My Conclusive Opinion

I hope I have provided you all the pertinent information that you need in this Garmin Striker 4 Review. The Striker 4 fishfinder, in my opinion, is a great buy at under $100 on Amazon.

It has all the features you would want in a fishfinder and then some. There is no secret why The Garmin Striker 4 is the number one Best Seller on Amazon in the fish finder/ depth finder category.

You get a GPS that lets you mark wayward points which help get you to where you want to go and helps you mark where you have been on the lake or river. This makes it easy to get back out of the lake.

What’s also helpful is it lets you mark where the fish are biting so that you won’t forget. Then you can come back time after time to the same fishing spot and pull in some big fish.

It’s also a great ice fishing fishfinder with built-in flashers that let you see what your bait is doing and how the fish are reacting to your bait. It also shows you what the bottom of the lake looks like if it’s muddy or solid. You can also control your trolling speed with this fishfinder which helps to keep you at the right speed for whatever lure you are trolling with. It also helps to keep your speed down in wake controlled areas of the lake.

I highly recommend you purchase your own Garmin Striker 4 fishfinder. The cheapest place to buy this fish finder is on Amazon. I know you won’t regret this purchase.

Get Your Garmin Striker 4 Fishfinder At Amazon

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Thanks for reading and Happy Fishing!

Garmin Striker 4






Ease of Use



  • Highly Sensitive CHIRP Transducer GPS Navigation
  • Chrystal Clear Sonar Images
  • Lightweight and Compact


  • Carrying Case Not Included

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  1. Great comprehensive review Cory! Pity about the lack of carrying case but I’m sure I can live without it… looks like a great piece of kit at a reasonable price.

  2. I used to love fishing and went all the time. I’ve recently picked up the desire again and am surprised how far technology has come.
    This fish finder seems like a game changer.

    Being able to mark locations, especially dock locations as well as speed information is so helpful to make a great day fishing even better.

    The life cost for a quality brand surprised me. This will be on the boat next time I go out.

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  5. Thank you for this post, I find it really great and helpful. I think the Garmin striker 4 is a good product given the array of the nice features it possess.At a price a bit less than $100 i think it is cheap and highly affordable, is there a money back guarantee and can it be shipped to anywhere in the world? 

    • There is a 2-year limited warranty and can be shipped world wide.

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