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When I’m searching for a new rod and reel I like to get an ice fishing rod reel combo deal. The combos are designed to work together as a team so to speak. And when you are ice fishing that’s exactly what you want.

Fish during winter can be elusive and having the right combo of a rod and reel can make the difference from catching that trophy walleye or coming home empty-handed after a long and exhausting day out on the ice!

You will also want an ice fishing rod and reel combo that can catch multi-species of fish. Because when ice fishing you will be surprised of what type of species of fish you come across. Be it Walleye, perch, trout, crappie, bass you name it these species of fish are right under your feet waiting to be caught and most of them don’t move very fast in the winter months.

Introducing The Tailored Tackle Ice Fishing Rod Reel Combo

The Tailored Tackle company is, you guessed it a tackle company specializing in fish tackle/rods and reels. They sell tackle for a wide range of fishing from ice fishing to saltwater fishing.

They have a very informative website packed with fishing tips and techniques on how to catch an assortment of species of fish. Their products are top-notch very dependable and durable I highly recommend their fishing gear! Today we are going to focus on their ice fishing rod and reel combo.

The Rod

The rod in this combo is a 28″ long spinning ice rod. Line rating of 3-6lbs and has a medium-light power rating. It’s a nice strong ice fishing rod that works well for catching sunfish all the way up to walleye or lake trout.

Pretty much any fish in reason you can catch with this pole. But I would want to be going after a musky or sturgeon with this combo. The rod is also very durable and sensitive at the same time which is hard to find in an ice fishing rod.

Made of carbon fiber for landing those larger fish such as the lake trout or walleye. Also, come with an ergonomically correct corked handle so that your hands won’t get bent out of shape when fishing for long periods.

It also has a fast action for detecting extremely sensitive bites because most fish will not be very aggressive with their biting in the winter (except for the lake trout who gets more active when the lake freezes over). After all, their metabolism slows way down and they don’t move very fast at all.

The Reel

The Tailored Tackle ice fishing rod reel combo comes with a size 20 reel that is ice temperature tested for smooth drag. It comes with five stainless steel ball bearings with a 5.2:1 gear ratio. The knob is a soft touch and the capacity of the line is as follows:

  • 2 lb – 200 yards
  • 4 1b – 100 yards
  • 6 1b – 80 yards

The reel also has an anti-reverse switch conveniently located and a stainless steel drag washer system with an ice buster eight-pound spring drag. The reel itself is worth the price of the combo system.

Works Great With All Types Of Lures

This ice fishing rod reel combo goes great with Tailored Tackle jigs, lures and bait. It doesn’t matter what type of fish you are after with this rod reel combo you can catch almost anything with any live bait, jig rigs and spinning lures you can think of. Take the time and try different combinations of bait and jigs until you get the right one. Then you can catch fish all day and night long without missing a beat.

This is an excellent combo for the weekend ice angler as well as those new to the sport of ice fishing. Start the kids out young with this combo and they will grow to really appreciate ice fishing and the joy that comes with it when you are landing those beautiful creatures that allude us under the ice.

Before you know it your children will be grown up and ready to introduce their children to the sport. Ice fishing can make lots of memories. Why not get a rod and reel combo that will help make those memories even bright with all the fish you will be catching and all the photos that will be taken and shared with friends and family.

In Conclusion

I recommend this combo rod and reel because it is designed to ice fish for a number of fish species. And that its medium-power carbon fiber rod will let you land the more aggressive winter fish. Like the lake trout. But also sensitive enough to go after the lighter biting fish like the perch.

In my opinion, you can be happy with the purchase of this ice fishing rod reel combo. Whatever you do just go out and start ice fishing. It’s a great pastime. That can leave your belly full at the end of the day and a lifetime of memories.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will be happy to answer them.

Tailored Tackle Rod Reel Combo









  • Rod and Reel Combo
  • Catch a variety of fish
  • Affordable


  • Not Recommended for Bass, Northern or Muskie

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6 thoughts on “Ice Fishing Rod Reel Combo – Tailored Tackle Combo Solution”

  1. I have an ice fishing trip coming up next month and was looking for a solid rod as i’m hoping this will improve much luck.

    The tailored tackle rod reel combo looks perfect for me and the price range is awesome.  I would expect something like that to be over $100.

    I’ll probably pick up 2 just so i can have a back up as i tend to be hard on my rods.

  2. I love to fish and have done so since I was a young kid.  My grandfather, who was an avid fisherman,  taught me.

    Ice fishing particularly fascinates me as we do not have the ability to do this in Australia.  Unfortunately, our weather is not cold enough.

    I am hoping to travel to Canada and will be putting ice fishing on my to-do list.  Will this Tailored Tackle Rod Reel Combo work that far north? If not, I may just have to include a trip over the border.

  3. Hi Cory Haasnoot,

    My best friend loves to participate competition of fishing through fishing rod. He is expecting a gift from me and I have a plan to give him best gift for his life. I think Tailored Tackle Rod Reel Combo will be perfect choice for his gift. I believe this will be longer lasting and I like rod reel combo design. Thanks for sharing a wonderful review. 

    • You are welcome. I hope he likes the gift.

  4. Ice fishing can indeed create a lot of memories. I remember going to the lake as a kid, ice fishing with my familym it was always an awesome day out. Mom would pack sandwiches and hot chocolate or we would grill sausages on a fire. It was such great times. Hopefully it can bring other families together like it did mine.

    Great article. I live in Australia now and ice fishing is limited here. Will be looking out for other posts about different fishing rods. More suitable for here. 


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