SA Fishing Face Shields – A Chapped Face Is Not an Option!

SA Fishing Face Shields

Don’t you hate it when you’re out on the lake on a cold wind-wiped day fishing, and the skin on your face is getting chapped and very sore.

You are going to wish you had some  SA fishing face shields next time you are out on the lake. It can get to the point you can’t stand it, and you’re always burying your mouth and chin into your jacket. It’s darn hard to see and not only that to catch fish that way.

It doesn’t need to be that way. I ran across a company online called SA. They have fishing face shields for sale in all sorts of themes and patterns. There are many raving safishing reviews on the internet so they are well worth a look at!

They even sell dog face shields! Can you believe that? I couldn’t until I saw the video they had on their site. You can also get face shields that match you and your dog! Well, it is a dog-eat-dog world out there ya know. 🙂

What Types of Designs Does SA carry?

SA Face Shield Designs

SA has a vast variety of designs and colors to choose from in its collection. You can also have your face shield custom-made to your design. The following is a list of designs that SA offers on their website…

  • Tactical Black
  • Nebula
  • SA Forest
  • Camo Skull
  • SA Forest Camo Dregs
  • Clown
  • Stealth Tech Camo Hydro Skull
  • Blackout American Flag
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Blackout Forest Camo
  • Skull Tech Crow
  • Various Country Flags
  • Two-Sided
  • Grey Military Camo
  • Gangster
  • Mermaid Scales
  • Purple Crow
  • Western
  • Breast Cancer Awareness

The list goes on and on with over 150 designs and themes. I would be here for days typing out all the designs that SA has to offer. So suffice it to say whatever design/combination you can think of they have in stock and ready to order. And if you don’t find the design you’re looking for, you can get one custom-made. How about that for selection!

Thermal Face Shield For Ice Fishing…

SA Thermal Face Shield

SA’S thermal face shields are especially useful for ice fishing. It gets cold out on the frozen tundra, especially if you don’t have an ice shelter to keep the wind off of you. You are going to want to add to your ice fishing outfit with a thermal face shield from SA.

These fleece-lined face shields come in a vast variety of designs and themes. They protect your face ears and neck from what mother nature can throw at you. These thermal fleece face shields have a seamless design and are durable enough to handle the strongest outdoor elements.

Extended Details:

  • Dual Lateral Stretch
  • Extreme Wind Technology
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Sewn Inner Fleece Lining that is Seamless
  • One Size Fits All
  • Machine Washable
  • Air Dry Only
  • Do Not Iron
  • 100% Microfiber technology with Frost Tech™
  • Extreme Active Thermal Protection

When you’re out on the lake ice fishing, you will catch people off guard with some of SA ’S awesome designs. Your head neck and ears will also stay warm, which is the main thing.

SA has a special offer right now where you can buy 1 thermal fleece face shield and get 3 free.  Now that’s a great deal to jump at since it’s getting cold outside and the fish are biting!

Not Just For Fishing!

SA’s face shields can be used for more things than just fishing. They are great for hunting, hiking, biking, motorcycling, running, wear them at work when it’s cold outside, and all types of outdoor sports. You name it; there is a use for them.

The face shields are also lightweight but durable, so they won’t be holding your head down when you are participating in your activities. Protection from the sun is another feature that these shields have. Wear them on your outdoor adventures. You won’t regret it.

Multiple Uses

There are numerous ways you can wear your face shield. In the cold weather, you can use it as a neck scarf, simple face mask, or full head and neck mask.

When the weather is warm and you want protection from the sun and to keep the sweat off your neck and brow, you can go with the regular headband. Other ways to use it in warm weather are the head and back of the neckband, legionnaire style headband, regular beanie style. Lastly, you can just wrap it around your wrist as for a band to wipe away sweat. Also, you won’t lose it when it is wrapped around your wrist.


You have everything you need with SA fishing face shields. They protect you from the sun with their SPF40 rating. They wick moisture to help keep the sweat off of your eyes. Because it’s hard to see what you need to see if your continually wiping sweat from your brow. It could even cause an accident.

They are breathable and multi-purpose. You can’t go wrong. I highly recommend getting a few pairs of these face shields. There are many specials on their website, so head on over there and check them out.

==>For A Huge Assortment Of SA Face Shields Click Here

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be happy to address them.

SA Fishing Face Shields

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  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Elastic

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4 thoughts on “SA Fishing Face Shields – A Chapped Face Is Not an Option!”

  1. Wow..! this is a first for me, I’ve never heard of such a product before, but it seems very beneficial. This is very thoughtful of the manufacturers. The design is simple and serves its purpose. Now that i know of the existence of this face shield, I’ll be sharing this info with a few friends who love fishing. Thanks for this Cory.

  2. Hey, this is an awesome review on SA Face Shields. Although, I don’t have one of them. yet. but, I will take a closer look to all those terrific designs and certainly will get one.

    However, I do have great experience with the fleece kind and using it for years when being too long outdoors or plowing our driveway from snow. 

    The Thermal Face Shield I have is great too and so far has kept me warm an cozy when being outside even when it is -30 degrees Celsius, -22 Fahrenheit.

    I really can recommend them and I will get my hand on a Purple Crow 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I personally I’m not fishing a lot but my friend does and he does use this face shields I saw him wearing one when we went for deep fishing for tuna we all having are face sore and chapped I think he was the only one who enjoys the early morning fishing next I will get one of those I will referral him to your site he make like this design. Thank you for this great information 

  4. Hello Cory,

    Thank you for this awesome article on face shields! I have some uncles who could definitely use some of those. I’ve been out fishing on a windy and cold lake before in the winter. It was not that pleasant of an experience but we did catch some great fish.

    I agree that these face shields could really come in handy and even improve your ability to catch more fish in these conditions. It’s pretty awesome to see all of the different designs and customizations that you can make. I had no idea there was a company out there like this. I don’t fish as much as my other family members. I used to fish more when I was younger. 

    You really provide a great breakdown of the features of the product with links to great deals. I may forward some of these to a family member. I may look into this later on once I get a lake house. Still working on that. 

    Anyways, keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing more about these products!


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