Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bibs | A Warm Review

Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bibs

Eskimo Lockout BibsProduct: Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bibs

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Product Dimensions:  10.2 x 7.1 x 1.6 inches

Shipping Weight: 4 Pounds

My Rating: 9.8 out of 10

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Looking for a pair of nice warm and cozy bibs to wear this ice fishing season?

I have done some research on the Eskimo Lockout ice fishing bibs that you might want to take a look at. I promise it won’t hurt and I will explain why I think these are a great pair of bibs to get yourself into this ice fishing season.

What Features does The Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bibs Have?

The Eskimo Lockout bibs come in a variety of sizes from small all the way up to 5 extra-large. The length of the legs can be shortened by six inches which is great if you are height-challenged and need to adjust. They also come with padded knees. These bibs are ideal for when you are kneeling on the ice struggling with the monster fish you just caught!

The liner of these bibs is made of Sureflote Flotation-Assist in case you fall through the ice you will stay afloat and won’t sink. These bibs will also keep the moisture out while staying breathable with its Hydrapore® 5000 laminate that’s built right into the outer shell of the bibs.

Eskimo bibsThe outer shells constructed out of 600 denier fabric. This material is tough as nails. Denier fabric is a canvas-like material that’s used on many of the ice shelters you see. So if it’s good enough for the ice shelter, it’s good enough for your body.

The zippers all around the suit are easy to get to so you won’t be twisting and bending over backward to get that ice fishing tool you need.

Your Body Heat Will Stay In The Bibs!

You won’t be having any displacement of body heat because the interior lining is 210T and it’s insulated with 60g of Thermadex® insulation. These combined will trap your body heat in and keep your legs and chest nice and warm. No more frozen body parts when wearing these bibs!

Built For Comfort and Mobility!

Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing BibsThe Eskimo Lockout bibs are built for comfort and mobility. The padding is in all the right places. They are lightweight but warm at the same time so they won’t weigh you down when you are walking through the snow. There is a velcro hem at the base of the legs so that mud and water don’t ride up the leg when walking around.


  • Has Hydrapore® 5000 for breathability
  • 60g of Thermadex® insulation to keep you warm
  • Made of 600 Denier fabric some of the most robust fabric around
  • Velcro Hem around the angles to keep the legs from dragging in the slush
  • You can adjust the length by six inches
  • Plenty of Pockets for fishing tools
  • Zippers placed in easy to reach areas
  • Sureflote Flotation-Assist to keep you afloat


  • Couldn’t find any downfalls to these bibs. If you own a pair of these bibs, let us know in the comments what you think of them.

Eskimo Lockout Bibs LabelI Highly Recommend These Bibs

What’s not to recommend about these bibs? The size choices are numerous from small to 5 x-large anyone would be able to find a size.

These bibs can be shortened by six inches, now that’s a plus. I also like that it made of floatable material and its tough 600 denier fabric that keeps the wind out. And the Hydrapore® 5000 laminate keeps you dry and the air moving through the bibs.

The interior lining is 210T and its 60g of Thermadex® insulation which keeps you warm and toasty even when the elements outside are harsh. I would recommend you pick yourself up a pair of these Eskimo Lockout ice fishing bibs whenever you get the chance. Eskimo is a company has been around a while, and you can trust them for quality and comfort.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and Happy fishing!

Eskimo Lockout Ice Fishing Bibs

SA Fishing Face Shields – A Chapped Face Is Not an Option!

SA Fishing Face Shields

SA Fishing Face ShieldsDon’t you hate it when you’re out on the lake on a cold wind-wiped day fishing, and the skin on your face is getting chapped and very sore.

You are going to wish you had some  SA fishing face shields next time you are out on the lake. It can get to the point you can’t stand it, and you’re always burying your mouth and chin into your jacket. It’s darn hard to see and not only that to catch fish that way.

It doesn’t need to be that way. I ran across a company online called SA. They have fishing face shields for sale in all sorts of themes and patterns. There are many raving safishing reviews on the internet so they are well worth a look at!

They even sell dog face shields! Can you believe that? I couldn’t until I saw the video they had on their site. You can also get face shields that match you and your dog! Well, it is a dog eat dog world out there ya know. 🙂

What Types of Designs Does SA carry?

SA Face Shield DesignsSA has a vast variety of designs and colors to choose from in their collection. You can also have your face shield custom made to your design. The following is a list of designs that SA offers on their website…

  • Tactical Black
  • Nebula
  • SA Forest
  • Camo Skull
  • SA Forest Camo Dregs
  • Clown
  • Stealth Tech Camo Hydro Skull
  • Blackout American Flag
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Blackout Forest Camo
  • Skull Tech Crow
  • Various Country Flags
  • Two-Sided
  • Grey Military Camo
  • Gangster
  • Mermaid Scales
  • Purple Crow
  • Western
  • Breast Cancer Awareness

The list goes on and on with over 150 designs and themes. I would be here for days typing out all the designs that SA has to offer. So suffice it to say whatever design/combination you can think of they have in stock and ready to order. And if you don’t find the design you’re looking for, you can get one custom made. How about that for selection!

Thermal Face Shield For Ice Fishing…

SA Thermal Face ShieldSA’S thermal face shields are especially useful for ice fishing. It gets cold out on the frozen tundra, especially if you don’t have an ice shelter to keep the wind off of you. You are going to want to add to your ice fishing outfit with a thermal face shield from SA.

These fleece-lined face shields come in a vast variety of designs and themes. They protect your face ears and neck from what mother nature can throw at you. These thermal fleece face shields have a seamless design and are durable enough to handle the strongest of outdoor elements.

Extended Details:

  • Dual Lateral Stretch
  • Extreme Wind Technology
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Sewn Inner Fleece Lining that is Seamless
  • One Size Fits All
  • Machine Washable
  • Air Dry Only
  • Do Not Iron
  • 100% Microfiber technology with Frost Tech™
  • Extreme Active Thermal Protection

When you’re out on the lake ice fishing, you will catch people off guard with some of SA ’S awesome designs. Your head neck and ears will also stay warm, which is the main thing.

SA has a special offer right now where you can buy 1 thermal fleece face shield and get 3 free.  Now that’s a great deal to jump at since it’s getting cold outside and the fish are biting!

Not Just For Fishing!

SA’s face shields can be used for more things than just fishing. They are great for hunting, hiking, biking, motorcycling, running, wear them at work when it’s cold outside and all types of outdoor sports. You name it; there is a use for them.

The face shields are also lightweight but durable, so they won’t be holding your head down when you are participating in your activities. Protection from the sun is another feature that these shields have. Wear them on your outdoor adventures. You won’t regret it.

Multiple Uses

There are numerous ways you can wear your face shield. In the cold weather, you can use it as a neck scarf, simple face mask, or full head and neck mask.

When the weather is warm and you want protection from the sun and to keep the sweat off your neck and brow, you can go with the regular headband. Other ways to use it in warm weather are the head and back of the neckband, legionnaire style headband, regular beanie style. Lastly, you can just wrap it around your wrist as for a band to wipe away sweat. Also, you won’t lose it when it is wrapped around your wrist.



You have everything you need with SA fishing face shields. They protect you from the sun with their SPF40 rating. They wick moisture to help keep the sweat off of your eyes. Because it’s hard to see what you need to see if your continually wiping sweat from your brow. It could even cause an accident.

They are breathable and multi-purpose. You can’t go wrong. I highly recommend getting a few pairs of these face shields. There are many specials on their website, so head on over there and check them out.

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If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I will be happy to address them.

Clam Ice Fishing Clothing – Beat The Cold In Clam

Man ice fishing and the words clam ice fishing clothing beat the cold in clam!

Clam Ice Fishing ClothingYou can’t beat clam ice fishing clothing. It’s the best ice fishing body gear around. Perfectly tailored to keep you toasty warm on those cold ass winter days out on the ice.

When you go out on the cold lake you want to make sure that you dress in layers. If your wearing layers of clothing you can start shedding them if you get to warm and put them back on if you start getting too cold. That’s a good idea anytime you are going to be outdoors in the wintertime. The more active you get the warmer you will become. It’s a good rule of thumb.

Now that I explained how to put the clothing on and off let’s start getting you dressed. With some Clam ice fishing clothing. I promise I won’t look! 🙂

Clam Ice Fishing Clothing Layers Explained

There are different layers you should wear while ice fishing and you can take layers off depending on the outside temperature. Clam has you covered with its various layered clothing that they sell. 1Make sure that you take the time to understand different layers of, dress so that you can keep yourself warm, dry, and safe while out on the frozen tundra that us ice anglers love to fish in.

The following are the layers of clothing that Clam manufactures and where you can purchase them.

Base Layer – Most Important Articles of Clothing

Before the base layer, you are buck naked. The base layer is important because it is right over your skin and you want something that is comfortable yet absorbent. You want to keep your skin dry especially when you are out in the cold ice fishing. If your skin gets wet you could get a case of hypothermia and you don’t want that to happen. It could be life-threatening.

Hypothermia Explained

Hypothermia occurs when the body temperature gets to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. You can get hypothermia because of the extremely cold temperatures that you’re not dressed properly for. You can also get it by being intoxicated. So it’s a good idea to dress properly for the elements and not drink too much alcohol while out ice fishing.

Hypothermia can happen rather quickly. The lower your body temperature goes the worse the symptoms get. In a mild case of hypothermia, you will start feeling chilled and start shivering. Confusion will also set in.

In worse cases, the shivering will stop and confusion will increase. Your body will trick you into thinking you’re getting warm and you might start undressing. If not treated your heart may stop as well. Warming your body temperature is the only way to treat hypothermia. Get your body to a warm dry place and drink hot liquids. Your life could depend on it.

Poly Bottoms Base Layer

Clam has two different bottoms to choose from in their IceArmor line of clothing. Poly bottoms and The Sub Zero. The poly bottoms are made of 180 gram brushed fleece lining. They are anti-microbial with a smooth outside finish. They come in sizes from medium to double extra large.

Poly bottoms with stirrups on the bottom of the legs and they have natural moisture wicking to keep you dry and warm. They also have a smooth outside finish.

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Sub Zero Bottoms Base Layer

The other pair of base layer bottoms that Clam sells is called the Sub Zero. These are about double the price of the poly bottoms but they are thicker and warmer than the poly bottoms. The sub-zero is made out of 300 grams of high pile fleece. They have an anti-static finish.

They have moisture-wicking technology like the poly bottoms. These bottoms are extremely warm but won’t leave you all sweaty when wearing them. The bottoms come with stirrups at the end of the legs. They are anti-microbial like the poly bottoms and they come in sizes medium to triple extra-large.

The Sub Zero bottoms are available for purchase on Amazon.

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Poly Top Base Layer

For the base layer at the top half of your body Clam has The Poly Top and The Sub Zero Top. The poly Top has the same features as the poly bottoms. The only difference is it’s a top.

They come in Medium to double extra large. The poly top comes long-sleeved and keeps you warm. The poly top is available for purchase on Amazon.

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Sub Zero Base Layer Top

Next, we have the Sub Zero Top by Clam. The sub-zero has a lot of the same features as its counterpart to the bottom. It comes in long sleeve and sizes medium to triple extra-large. Wearing this top you will stay warm and cozy without all the sweat that sometimes is produced when wearing a warm top. There is moisture-wicking technology built right into these tops.

They also come with a front left chest zip pocket and elastic cuffs that are snug to keep the warmth in. It also comes with a zipper on the breast. The Sub Zero Top is available for purchase on Amazon.

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Ascent Bibs

Next, in our Clam ice fishing clothing wardrobe, we want to put on our bibs. Clam has some new colors this season in bibs which are charcoal black and green black combinations. These are called Clam Ascent Float Bibs. They literally can float and they are breathable at the same time. They are made out of 300 denier fabric and it’s windproof and waterproof.

The liner is removable only weighs 150 grams and is made out of Thinsulate for extra warmth. The bibs are very mobile and flexible so you won’t have a problem moving around in the ice house when you need to grab bait, poles, and wrestling that monster fish when you get it on the line.

The bibs have a motion float technology that adds to their buoyancy. Adjustable inseam with storm gaiters and a fast drainage system in case you fall through the ice and get waterlogged. They come with adjustable nylon suspenders.

It also comes with a cell phone pocket that is waterproof. A two-way waist height leg zippers and a two-way magnetic storm flap with front zip. It also has zippered pockets to warm your hands. They come in sizes small to 5x large. The price for a pair of these Clam bibs is $359.99.

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The Clam Extreme Advantage Parka

Now you will want to put on the parka or jacket depending on what part of the country you live on. Introducing the Extreme Advantage Parka. This is a very warm and breathable parka. It is littered with pockets that can hold all your favorite ice fishing gadgets. The removable liner jacket is 150 grams of Thinsulate.

It comes in blue/black and chart/blue color combos. The fabric is soft to the touch and is waterproof. For safety, it has reflective tape throughout. Comes with a waterproof pouch for your cell phone, two retractable D-rings on the chest for various accessories. It sports a magnetic fish towel release and a two-way magnetic storm flap.

It comes in sizes small to 5x large. The Clam Extreme Advantage Parka’s price is only $249.99. Not a bad price for this nice looking jacket considering everything that is on it.

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Agility Gloves

Keeping your hands warm while ice fishing is important so you can keep really in those fish. If your hands get cold you are done fishing. So it’s a good idea to get a pair of warm gloves.

Clam offers what they call Agility gloves to keep your hands toasty warm while ice fishing. You will be able to handle your ice fishing equipment with ease because of the goatskin palm that adds comfort to these gloves and extra dexterity.

These gloves offer ergonomically correct fingers as an added stress relief of your fingers while ice fishing. The longer your hands are warm and comfortable the longer you will be enjoying your day out on the ice. Get yourself a pair of Agility gloves. They’re available on Amazon.

That’s The Basics

We are now ready to do some serious ice fishing in our Clam ice fishing clothing. Besides the base layer and the outer layer, you will want to get yourself some warm boots, stocking hats, gloves/mittens, and warm socks. Clam makes most of these miscellaneous clothing items which I will write about in a future article.

Staying warm with Clam ice fishing clothing will ensure a long and comfortable day out on the ice! Stay warm, stay comfortable in Clam. Never go out ice fishing without the proper clothing again.

Now you have the information you need to go out and purchase these warm and comfortable Clam ice fishing clothing. Don’t leave home without it.

Thanks for reading and as always if you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you.