8 Tips To Help You Choose A Fly Fishing Vest

When it comes to fly fishing, one considers the fishing rod, the lines, the bait as the essentials. However, most anglers seem to forget that the fishing vest is a highly crucial piece of gear. . Today, let us discuss three (plus five) tips to help you choose a fly fishing vest.

When choosing a fly fishing vest, one only needs to consider three variables: preferences, price, and needs.

Read on to learn more about the tips to consider when buying a fly fishing vest and know more about what type of fly fishing vest suits your needs the most.

How Do I Choose A Fly Fishing Vest?

(Things To Consider First Before Buying A Fly Fishing Vest)

Your fly rod, the bait you have been so excited to use, a great new fishing line… they all seem so exciting, especially when compared to your old friend, the fly fishing vest. You are forgiven for thinking that your fly fishing vest is just a piece of cloth that has some utilities. However, we’ll teach you how to make your fly fishing vest exciting by buying the most suitable fly fishing vest for you.

  1. Price

Let’s admit it; most of us look for the best or cheapest price when shopping.  However, when it comes to the fly fishing vest, cheaping out is not in an angler’s best interest.  As stated earlier, the fly fishing vest is one of the more crucial pieces of gear for an angler. 

Before you go out to the market and try on every fly fishing vest you see, it is best to consider this first: how much are you really willing to spend on a fly fishing vest? Are you on a budget? And how good do you need your fly fishing vest to be?

  1. Need

How many pockets do you need? Do you need a more standard vest, or do you need one that’s cooler to use? How strong does your fly fishing vest NEED to be?

Before you go on and buy the most suitable fishing vest for your budget, first consider what things you feel to be unnecessary and think of the things you consider to be indispensable. Who cares if that fishing vest has twenty pockets? If you need the one with larger pockets (even though it has only two main pockets), then buy that one.

  1. Preference

How colorful does your fly fishing vest need to be? How often will you need to change it? Do you prefer a fly fishing vest that’s heavier or more durable and rated for rigid use?

To make sure that you don’t regret your next purchase, which in this context is a fly fishing vest, then consider your personal preferences. What if the most utility-packed fly fishing vest is in a design you absolutely despise?  Always go with what is the most efficient for your fly fishing needs. 

What should I look for in a fly fishing vest?

(Things to consider WHEN BUYING your fly fishing vest)

Now that we have discussed the things you need to consider BEFORE buying your fly fishing vest, is it possible that we are ready to grab our next fly fishing vest? Absolutely not! In this section of the story, let us discuss what things or variables you may need to look out for when buying your next fly fishing vest.

  1.  Do you want a mesh vest or a traditional vest?

What is a mesh vest exactly, and how does it differ from a traditional fly fishing vest? A mesh vest is a vest that incorporates holes (I like to call them pores) that allow for better airflow and makes the overall vest lighter to carry. If you live and fish in areas where you might be out in weather as hot as 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) or more, then consider buying a mesh vest.

A mesh vest is also handy when you are fishing in areas where you will be walking a lot (or carrying a lot of things). Since mesh fly fishing vests are almost always lighter, they will help you move your items and take a few grams out of your load. I mean, the less heavy a vest the better for you especially if you are for more than a few hours.

A traditional fishing vest is better to use if you are fishing in colder areas or want a more durable option (but this is not true all the time as some mesh fishing vests will be more durable than traditional fly fishing vests).

  1. Consider How Many Pockets You Will Be Using (The Problem With Having Too Little [Or Too Many] Pockets)

You might be here asking yourself: “What’s so wrong with having too many pockets? I mean better to have more than to have less, right?” It does help to have more pockets most of the time; having too many does significantly impact your fly fishing experience.

One possible occurrence (especially if you are not very organized) is finding out that your essential things are now lost within a sea of pockets. Having too many pockets will result in your fishing experience being too cluttered. Moreover, having too many pockets increases the tendency of you bringing too many unnecessary things to your fishing trips.

  1. Size Of The Pockets

One thing that happens when you have too many pockets is that the size of the pockets will most of the time be smaller. This is when you will need to consider if you need to put your fly fishing materials in different compartments all the time or if it is more comfortable putting them in one or two places at a time.

  1. Make Sure You Are Comfortable (And Cool)

One way to know if a fly fishing vest is actually for you is to assess whether the fly fishing vest is comfortable to wear. After all, a fly fishing vest that you will wear for many hours in a span of many days must be comfortable to wear all or most of the time. Another thing to consider is if your fly fishing vest is too thick or too thin for you to regulate your body temperature.

  1. Durability

It makes sense, right? To have a good (if not the best) fly fishing vest, you must have a very durable one. One tip to know if a fly fishing vest is durable enough or not is to look at the materials used. 

Most of the time, having a cotton fly fishing vest makes sure that you are comfortable all the time. However, using polyester may be a better choice if you use it often, as it holds up better in between washes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fly Fishing Vests

  1. What is the best fly fishing vest for durability and design?

Although we cannot give you the best of the best as it varies from a person’s use cases and throughout the years, we highly recommend using Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack.

It is an excellent vest for environmentally conscious individuals. It is also beautiful and is unbelievably durable.

Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack Vest

Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack, Driftwood

  1. What is a fly fishing vest for?

A fly fishing vest is an excellent wear product that helps you carry around your essentials without giving too much of a toll on your muscles (especially when you’re fishing for a long time). It also helps you look industrial while staying organized.

  1. Why do some fly fishing vests have so many pockets?

These fly fishing vests are made especially for people who need many compartments to separate various fly fishing essentials. Though not for everyone, fly fishing vests with many pockets do have their market.

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