Landworks Auger | A Dual Purpose Auger For Tough Drilling

Product: Landworks Auger

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Product Dimensions:41 x 20 x 10.2 inches

Product Weight:34.5 lbs  

My Rating: 9.8 out of 10


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You are looking for an auger that can drill through ice and earth? You have both options in the Landworks Auger.

This auger has been in many top lists for being one of the best electric augers for drilling holes in ice and drilling holes in the earth. Why not get the best of both worlds in one auger.

You can take it out ice fishing with you in the winter and then in the summer; you can use the same auger to drill post holes, planting seedling trees and bulbs.

Landworks Auger Review

The following is a review of the Landworks heavy-duty dual-purpose eco-friendly electric cordless auger.

The Powerhead

Landworks Auger PowerheadThe Powerhead on the Landworks auger comes with a 2ah 48 volt lithium-ion battery and charger. With a battery-powered auger, you don’t have to worry about smog and noise.

This makes it very eco-friendly and safe. This auger is equipped with an overload protector, so the powerhead doesn’t overheat. The handles are spaced apart to improve balance while you are drilling your holes.

The powerhead also comes with a brushless motor and is designed with a 3 Planetary gear mechanism, so it transmits higher with better efficiency. The max speed is 320 RPMs. The horsepower is 2.01 HP with 60 nm of torque and maximum wattage of 1400W.

Drill 30 Holes With Single Charge!

You can get up to 30 holes drilled on a single charge with the 2AH battery. You can drill up to 60 holes if you purchase the 4AH ion battery. This unit comes with the 2AH, but the 4AH can be purchased separately.

The handgrips are made of ergonomic silicone to reduce stress on your wrists and arms. It has an easy to reach safety button in case you trip and fall when using the auger. There’s also a reverse torque control button that’s easily accessible so that you can take the auger out of the hole with the slush or dirt debris so that you don’t have to do any hand shoveling or scooping.

You can drill in the dark with the LED high-intensity light that is incorporated into the powerhead.

Two Different Types of Blades

The Landworks auger you can either get the earth blades for boring in soil or you can get the ice blades for drilling ice fishing holes.

Earth Auger Blades

With these blades, you can bore through the soil with no problem. Small rocky soil no problem drill through it with ease. You won’t be drilling through boulders but what can you expect.

Earth Blade Sizes:

  • 4” x 30.”
  • 6” x 30.”
  • 8” x 30.”

These blades are useful for:

  • Weed and root removal
  • Fertilizing shrubs and trees to deep water aeration
  • Drilling post holes
  • Planting bulbs and  seedling trees
  • Pest control

Ice Auger Blades

The ice auger blades come in two sizes:

  • 8” x 39.”
  • 10” x 39.”

And of course, the ice auger blades are used to drill holes for ice fishing. Rough cut holes can be a problem with some blades because your fishing line can get cut. Not with Landworks ice auger blades, you get a smooth cut hole in the ice so your line won’t get snap off when you are reeling in a fish.

Universal ThreadUniversal Thread

The powerhead and the auger blades have what is called a universal threaded bolt connection. The blades fit easily with this connection. The blade is secured with a locking mechanism on a threaded ½” socket cap bolt. There will be no play in this auger blade bit.

A wobbling auger bit can cause many problems and be dangerous so this a great extra feature to have on an auger.


  • Dual Purpose
  • Ergonomic Silicone Hand Grips
  • 2 AH 48V Ion Battery
  • Universal Threading System
  • Easy Access Stop Button
  • Reverse Torque Control Button
  • Led High-Intensity Light


  • Need to Purchase Separate Blades for earth or ice drilling

Great All-Around Auger

I recommend this auger especially if you are using it for both worlds. It’s lightweight at only 22 pounds that includes the auger blade. Landworks is a strong brand with many great reviews on a whole line of their products. Be it summer or winter you can drill drill drill with the Landworks auger. The applications are almost endless. Well worth the money spent on this auger.

To recap here’s what you get with the Landworks electric power auger. A powerhead that is powered by a 2ah 48 volt lithium-ion battery. You get an easy access stop button for your safety. There’s an LED light that will help you see what you are doing if it is cloudy or at night.

The reverse torque control button is great for drilling holes in the ice. All you do is hit reverse and you can easily clean out the slush from your ice hole. No more need for ice slush scoopers.

The universal threading system ensures that the powerhead and the drill bit will stay attached. One thing you don’t want is these coming loose. Now that would be a big issue.

Landmarks products are of high quality, and the customer support is superb. They produce many other great outdoor products as well, and they stand behind them all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Landworks Auger Cost?

You can buy the Landworks auger on Amazon for $339.99.

What size battery does the Landworks auger come with?

The Landworks auger comes with a 2 amp-hour 48-volt lithium-ion battery and a battery charger.

What size are the earth blades for the Landworks auger?

There are 3 different size earth blades that you can purchase for the Landworks auger.

  • 4” x 30.”
  • 6” x 30.”
  • 8” x 30.”

What size are the ice blades for the Landworks auger?

There are 2 sizes of ice blades that you can purchase for the Landworks auger.

  • 8” x 39.”
  • 10” x 39.”

How many holes can you drill with a single charge of the battery?

You can drill approximately 30 holes on a single charge of the 2aH battery and 60 holes with the 4aH battery.

What’s the maximum speed of the Landworks auger?

The maximum speed for the Landworks auger is 320 RPMs. The horsepower is 2.01 HP with 60 nm of torque and maximum wattage of 1400W.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Landworks Electric Power Auger






Blade Options



  • Dual Purpose
  • 2 AH 48V Ion Battery
  • Reverse Torque Control Button


  • Need to Purchase Separate Blades for earth or ice drilling

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  1. This is a good website for people who are interested in the area of drilling . I like the fact that you pick a specific brand of auger and describe each aspect of it , Very helpful and informative. I also like the fact that you described the types of blades that this specific type of auger has. Thanks so much for sharing. 

  2. This land works Augers look really nice, they seem to be durable, and suit most peoples needs when it comes to drilling holes in ice and earth type material.  They seem affordable, not that I need one right now but when I do I will definitely check these guys out.

    I like when products are made versatile and can be used for more than just one task, this is what is really important to me.  

    Do these come with a good warranty and does it cost much to service them?  

    • Hi Gary, the red light is supposed to mean that the battery is charging and of course green means it’s fully charged. You might have a defective battery. You might want to take it in and have it looked at.


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