4 Reasons Why Fishing At Night Is Better

Fishing is an exciting activity that’s loved by most folks. But with daytime fishing being quite tedious, thanks to the scorching heat, I am sure you have considered night fishing. So here are 4 reasons why fishing at night is better.

Many anglers prefer night fishing because there are fewer boats and people in the water. It means that the fish will be less distracted, and you have a high likelihood of catching huge fish.

You can catch a wide range of fish during the day, but in summer, the odds of catching something are high if you try fishing at dawn or dusk. 

But, true anglers love the challenges that come with fishing and may want to try night fishing. So in this article, we’ll show you why fishing at night is better than during the day.

Reasons Why Fishing At Night Is Better

Man Fishing At Night Under Umbrella.

Night fishing is a very relaxing and exciting activity, and unlike daytime fishing, night fishing brings about new challenges. The idea of casting your line when it’s dark and retrieving it by feel gives fishing a new perspective. At night your ears must be accustomed to every sound around you, particularly the one produced by the lures when it gets into the water.

Fortunately, lots of anglers love the challenge of being out there at night enjoying this recreational activity. But this depends on the type of fish they need, kind of water, season, and the region; after all, most places don’t allow night fishing. Generally, there are many anglers who understand why fishing at night is relaxing, and this includes:

  • The anglers using glowing lures to attract deep-sea salmon
  • Those casting surface lures to attract largemouth bass
  • The others sit in boats with lanterns deep fishing for trout or catfish.

Fishing at Night Is Different

But one thing that can be said about night fishing is that you can’t cast or fish the same way you would during the day.

During the day, you can see everything you’re doing, including lure and lines, but that is impossible at night. You can monitor fluorescent lines using black light at night, but this technique is rarely used these days. 

In fact, for most anglers, the feel and intuition of your tackle become crucial at night than when daytime fishing. Therefore, you need to avoid lighter gear and go for sensitive lines and rods.

So here are few reasons why fishing at night is better:

Less Traffic During The Night

Boat on a lake at night

Most eutrophic lakes are quite famous and loved by both anglers and recreational boaters. So during the day, you have to be ready to share the water with swimmers, lots of anglers, scuba divers, pleasure boats. 

And during the weekend you have to consider the tournament anglers who take part in a wide range of water sports. It creates a crowded condition in most popular fishing spots, affecting the number of fish any angler can catch.

But you can still catch some fish; however, the crowd can distract most huge fish, making it almost impossible for them to bite your bait. On the other hand, the best fishing spots are less crowded at night, so you can easily attract some monster fish. 

And provided you’re using the right gear, you have a high likelihood of catching a lot of fish.

You Can Catch More Fish

Another reason fishing at night is better is that the fish are usually distracted during the day, and the high competition from other anglers with better gear won’t help you. But there are fewer anglers at night, and most anglers who love fishing at night will confirm that they tend to catch more fish at night than during the day. 

Plus, the fish are less distracted with less traffic and can spot your lure from where they are hiding. It means you are more likely to catch something at night than during the day.

At night you have to be very quiet to avoid spooking the fish. So it’s advisable to keep your movement to a minimum. Instead of running your electric motor every time, you can drift on the water and minimize your actions to catch more fish. Unfortunately, doing this during the day is almost impossible since you are never alone in the water fishing.

Fishing At Night Is More Comfortable

If you are still wondering why fishing at night is perfect, you have never fished without sunscreen. With daytime fishing, especially in summer, you are typically exposed to the scorching hot sun all day long and must devise ways to protect yourself. 

You have to wear protective clothing, including sunglasses and a fishing hat, and apply some sunscreen. It will save you from the effects of exposure to direct sunlight.

But fishing during hot days can be very uncomfortable; some anglers prefer fishing at night.

Most Fish Are Partially Nocturnal

A huge percentage of the fish we love chasing during the day are partially nocturnal; some species like brown trout and largemouth bass are night stalkers. And in some places, the huge species feed exclusively at night and will only be seen during the day when spawning or when there are some unique feeding opportunities like a salmon fly hatch. It is why fishing at night can be very appealing to anglers looking for trophy fish.

And while streamflow, water temperature, season, the moon’s phase, and turbidity play a considerable role in your ability to catch more fish, it’s a known fact that most fish are active at night.

What Attracts Fish At Night?

Lights on Fishing Rods

Fishing at night is a fun experience that is full of expectations and mystery. And that is because you don’t know which fish will take the bait. You don’t know if it will be powerful enough to break the line or if you will defeat it. 

Therefore, you need to carry the right gear and know exactly what can help you attract fish at night. Some of the things that attract fish when dark include:


At night, fish rely on their sonar senses. The small nerves on the centerline of both its sides and around the face can pick any form of vibrations in the water. So make sure you spin and wiggle your artificial lures when fishing at night. 

And since some predators don’t see well at night, smaller fishes tend to roam around and take the bait.

The fact that they use vibrations at night is why fishing at night can be a bit easier.


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Lights do more than help you see perfectly in darkness. Flooding the surface of the water with lights can attract phototrophs to the surface. Phototrophs usually are attracted to light, and they can, in turn, attract minnows to the surface, which will attract some fishes, including panfish, which love feeding on minnows.

You can either use lanterns of different types of lights, including floating and submersible lights. Fishing lights are either green or white. And that is because green and white wavelengths are attractive to planktons. 

Most baitfishes feed on planktons, so when they gather near the light source, they attract baitfish, which attracts huge fish species.


Why Is Fishing At Night Better?

Besides the fact that you can catch a huge fish, night fishing has many other benefits. And one of them is you will experience the relaxation and peace of fishing in heavily fished spots, even during peak holiday seasons.

What Are The Best Baits For Night Fishing?

At night fishes use vibrations to catch their prey; therefore, buzz baits and bladed swim jigs can come in handy. These baits can produce a ton of vibrations to attract the fish.

Can A Fish See A Lure At Night?

All fishes have some night vision, but how perfect the night vision is will depend on the depth of the sea and the species. Therefore, they can see the lure, but you have to do more to arouse their curiosity.

Conclusion – Reasons Why Fishing at Night is Better

There is nothing more relaxing than fishing at night with a few pals and enjoying the silence that comes with fewer people fishing in the sea. So if you have always wondered why fishing at night is perfect, you are missing the fun that comes with fishing in a secluded place. But you have to get creative to attract and even catch some fish.

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