Oakley Polarized Fishing Sunglasses – A Clear Way To Better Fishing

What You Need to Know About the Different Pairs of Oakley Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

There’s nothing like spending a lazy weekend afternoon fishing. However, if you want to ensure that your time is well spent, you’ll need more than just a sturdy fishing rod and some colorful bait.

Some specialized items can boost your chances of pulling in a good haul at the lake. I, for one, prefer the assistance I receive from a pair of Oakley polarized fishing sunglasses.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into specific pairs of polarized fishing sunglasses the folks at Oakley have to offer.

But before that, we’ll talk about what makes those glasses so special in the first place.

What Does Being Polarized Mean for Sunglasses?

Man Fly Fishing Wearing Sunglasses

I prefer to fish when the sun is nice and bright but not too oppressive. That kind of weather allows me to get comfortable and I can spend hours at the lake.

The only real issue is that the sun can get in the way sometimes. You’re looking to see if there’s something to catch, and the glare suddenly gets in your way.

That’s why polarized sunglasses can be so helpful. When the lenses are polarized, they do a better job of essentially filtering out that distracting glare. With no glare to deal with, I can focus more on the activity at hand and be more successful.

The designers at Oakley use a specialized molding process to create their polarized lenses. Using that technology allows for the creation of slimmer lenses that are also easier to see through.

Polarized Prizm Sunglasses… What Are They?

You’ll see later on that among the pairs of Oakley polarized fishing sunglasses we’ll discuss are ones that also feature Prizm technology.

The people at Oakley have different uses for their Prizm Technology. For us fishing fans, it’s the deep and shallow water applications that are worth paying attention to.

Prizm Deep Water filters the different shades of blue and emphasizes green and red hues. That effect allows me to better see if there’s a fish lurking beneath the waves. On days when the waters are particularly choppy, you need all the help you can get to see what’s swimming nearby.

Meanwhile, Prizm Shallow Water enhances contrast and visibility so that you can see if there’s something moving in the water. If your favorite fishing spot tends to get muddy, then having lenses that can counteract that is extremely helpful.

Now that we have a better idea of what technologies are used in a pair of Oakley polarized fishing sunglasses, let’s take a look at specific examples.

Oakley Polarized Fishing Sunglasses –  Holbrook

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses (Matte Black Prizmatic Frame, Prizm Sapphire Polarized Lens) with Country Flag Microbag

We begin with a classic pair of sunglasses.

The design of the Holbrook is simple, yet refined. The lenses are framed in a conventional way. They fit comfortably over your eyes, thus eliminating the need for you to make constant adjustments.

When it comes to the lenses, you can take your pick from two different polarized options.

If you opt for the HD polarized lenses, then you’ll get the glare-reducing benefits and improved clarity. Should you decide that you want the Prizm polarized lenses, then you’ll get the glare reduction and the deep water-compatible benefits as well.

The frame’s design is understated, the Oakley icons add contrast with just a few metal rivets. The frame doesn’t get in my way and I appreciate how light it feels while I’m wearing it.

When it comes to durability, you don’t have to worry that much about Oakley’s Holbrook. The lightweight nature of the frame should not lead you to question this item’s durability. I have used this pair for extended stretches of time and have found no issue with the hinges or anything.

You will be able to find some more daring pairs of sunglasses from Oakley. But if you want to keep things simple and classic with your eyewear, Holbrook is a good choice.

>>Holbrook Sunglasses Are Available On Amazon

Oakley Fives Squared

Oakley Men's OO9238 Fives Squared Rectangular Sunglasses, Polished Black/Grey, 54 mm

The next pair of Oakley polarized fishing sunglasses we’ll take a closer at is the Fives Squared.

Whereas Holbrook appeals to users by featuring a classic style and form. The Fives Squared aims to be a more functional alternative.

The main feature of the Fives Squared is the way it can easily fit just about anyone.

I’ve had some trouble with using non-Oakley sunglasses myself in the past. After a few hours of wearing them, I found myself growing uncomfortable and wanting to take them off. On particularly hot days, wearing sunglasses is not a ton of fun.

The rectangular frame does not take up a lot of space. It’s also constructed in a way that it does not awkwardly stick out and potentially causes some discomfort.

These sunglasses are remarkably lightweight as well and you should be able to wear them all day with no issue.

Unfortunately, your only option, if you want a polarized pair of Oakley’s Fives Squared, is to go with the HD polarized. Polarization is still highly effective, but this pair could have benefited from the added contrast too.

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Oakley Split Shot

Oakley Men's OO9416 Split Shot Rectangular Sunglasses, Matte Black/Prizm Deep H2O Polarized, 64 mm

There have been times in the past when I’ve had to choose between an item that’s more practical, and another that’s more stylish.

That’s why I love Oakley’s Split Shot so much.

Let’s start with its more practical features.

This pair of Oakley polarized fishing sunglasses come with a detachable leash. It’s very easy to misplace glasses, but with a leash included, that’s not going to be a problem with this pair.

You can also see that the frame for this pair is on the thicker side. That’s not a design flaw and is instead a feature that gives the glasses some added durability.

Regardless of oil and sweat buildup, the nose pad stays exactly where it was designed to stay.

It’s no small feat that the designers at Oakley were able to include all those features while retaining the classic styling of their glasses.

When it came to substance this style of sunglasses was not sacrificed.

Prizm technology is also present in this pair, making fishing even more useful.

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Oakley Radar EV Path

Oakley Men's OO9208 Radar EV Path Polarized Shield Sunglasses, Matte Black/Prizm Road, 38 mm

Oakley’s Radar EV Path sunglasses feature the boldest design of all the items in this article.

The Prizm polarized lenses now make up a greater percentage of the sunglasses. What helps to provide for a larger field of view is the tallness of the lenses.

I personally found that the taller lenses are most useful when fishing on open water. They allow me to see more of the surrounding area, and I can fish more efficiently.

Despite the unconventional design of this pair, you don’t need to worry about them being uncomfortable. The lenses don’t push down on your cheeks, and the nose pad holds them in place.

If you’re hesitant to get this pair because you think the styling is too out there, you should know that they look great outdoors.

You also don’t need to worry about the durability of either the lenses or the frame. They will hold up no matter how often you use these sunglasses.

>>Radar EV Path Available On Amazon


Improving your fishing experiences is possible if you use Oakley sunglasses. With the aid of the polarization and the Prizm technologies, spotting your targets will be easier, and you will be more successful.

All you need to do is to find the pair of Oakley polarized fishing sunglasses that fit you best because all of them will perform well.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below.

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  1. I didn’t know that oakley came out with polarized fishing sunglasses!  This is awesome and perfect timing for my fishing trip coming up.

    Although it’s going to be cold, the sun will definitely be bright and hard on my eyes.

    Will definitely be checking this out and picking up a pair or 2!

  2. Hi Cory,

    I didn’t know this kind of technology was used for fishing.  Last year, I dragged my Dad to an outdoors shop so I could look for a small fishing rod for myself.  He started complaining about his back hurting and some other excuses for us to leave, but I realized in the little time I spent in the store that fishing as a lot of components.  I am a complete novice at this subject and I want to learn more.

    Thank you for the information.


  3. Thank you for your review of Oakley Polarized Fishing Sunglasses.

    It is not a good experience when you’re fishing and the sun gets in your way.  We have our usual sunglasses when we went fishing.

    I like the Oakley Prizm deep water and shallow water filters technology. These are what we need to see what is swimming under the water. We’ll consider getting one of these glasses for our next fishing trip.

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