Ice Fishing Pole Holder - How to Catch More Fish
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Ice Fishing Pole Holder – How to Catch More Fish

Ice Fishing Pole HolderFinding A Quality Ice Fishing Pole Holder

I realized the first time I wanted to go ice fishing that there was so much I didn’t know. To top that off, there was so much stuff that I didn’t have.

An ice fishing pole holder was first on my list because I wanted to fish with a few poles at one time. Therefore, I decided to do a lot of researching.

One of the items that I had to find was the best ice fishing pole holder, to eliminate the stress of the pole while I was out on the ice. I decided to put a few lists together to help me make a better decision. I thought that my list might be of use for those in a similar predicament.


Versatility is essential when researching pole holders. If the pole does not have any versatility, then the pole can be taken by any fish from under the ice, causing me to lose a piece of equipment that was essential to have. I want to be the best at ice fishing, therefore finding an ice fishing pole holder is a priority in my book.


Most pole holders have this feature. Durability is not built into all ice pole holders. Therefore, I made a list of the top pole holders that had consistent strength as well as the ability to make any necessary adjustment.

Shelter Fit:

I knew that a quality pole holder needed to have the option of fitting any shelter. Therefore, I spent some time looking at different products. I wanted to see if they had any opportunities to fit multiple shelter styles. Shelters varied in multiple ways, so I needed to be well-diversified to complete the rest of my gear.



The overall design of the pole holders needed to have a strong and solid design. They needed to be able to handle different types of fish. And support the pole if I stepped away for a few minutes. The design should also have the ability to hold multiple lines.

I needed a holder that was able to adjust to different levels and was simple to maintain. I was aware that fish have senses. So I had to take that into account. I knew the pole holder had to be carefully designed so that the pole could easily be balanced and moved around.

Pivot Capabilities:

When I looked for different pole holders, I learned that some of them had the ability to pivot. I then learned that it depends on how you are ice fishing that makes the difference. Since I do different methods of ice fishing, I tried a few different pole holders out that had the option to pivot.

Fish have certain senses, and with the use of a pivot on the holder, it allowed the pole to shift with the water making it more natural to the fish.

Does It Include Hardware?

Included in the pole holder package should be all the hardware needed. I wanted my set up to be simple and less stressful because ice fishing can take a lot out of a person. If all the hardware was already included, I would not have to go about and find all the required materials. I would just need to install it.

ice fishing pole holdersA Few Ice Fishing Pole Holders That Are Top Quality:

I put together a few top ice fishing pole holders. When you head out on the ice, I hope these pole holders will be a great fit. And to help make your experience easier when you head out to go ice fishing.

Hawkeye Catch Cover MF02 Portable Multi-Flex Rod Holder

This pole holder is simple and lightweight and tough as nails!  Very versatile as well. Price is $23.19 on Amazon.

•  EDTara Ice-Fishing Dual Holder 

The EdTara is a double pole holder. It rotates 360 degrees and is wind resistant. It’s corrosion proof and environmentally friendly. Price for this one is only $7.38 on Amazon.

• Brocraft Ice Fishing Bucket Rod Holder 

This holder attaches either to an ice shack, portable pop up shack or right to your ice bucket! It’s very versatile and can rotate 360 degrees for easy fishing. You can pick this one up at Amazon for $13.99.

Final Thoughts

I learned that the more knowledge that I obtained, the better my skills in ice fishing grew. I found that the ice fishing pole holders made a huge difference. Especially in capturing the fish. My ice fishing escapades would be less stressful if it were simple to maintain and set up.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

St.Croix Legend Ice Fishing Rods

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