Is Deep Sea Fishing Dangerous? (Let’s Find Out!)

Sword Fish Caught on a Fishing Line - Is Deep Sea Fishing Dangerous

Sailors using smacks in the nineteenth century faced huge casualties at sea. Fortunately, this was reduced with the introduction of steam trawlers, but up to date, many anglers fear deep-sea fishing, which begs the question, “is deep sea fishing dangerous?” Well, after thorough research, this is what we found out. Generally, deep-sea fishing is not … Read more

What Is The Best Strength Fishing Line For Carp?

Carp jumping out of water on a white background - what is the best strength fishing line for carp

With the hundreds of fishing lines from different brands available in the market, selecting the right option for carp fishing can be quite challenging. Especially with many producers claiming their lines have some outstanding characteristics like high abrasion resistance, low memory, and 96% knot strength. And as a beginner, am sure you’re wondering what the … Read more

Ocean Fishing Vs. Lake Fishing: A Complete Comparison

Image of a fishing pole trolling at the end of a boat on an ocean. Image of a boat and angler fishing on a lake.

One of the most divisive questions among anglers is whether Ocean fishing is better than lake fishing and vice versa. And that is because they present different fishing conditions with unique challenges and experiences. So after thorough research, we compiled the following comparison article on Ocean Fishing Vs. Lake Fishing: A Complete Comparison. Ocean and … Read more