Best Marine Coolers 2022 – Your Search Is Over!

Welcome to my review of the best marine coolers of 2022. If you have been searching for coolers that you can take out on your boat then you have come to the right place.

There are so many marine coolers on the market and it’s hard to determine which coolers are the best to keep everything cool and keep it perishable items from spoiling.

You are in luck. I have reviewed and described 9 of the best marine coolers of 2022 so that you can make an informed decision on which is the best for you.

Coolers come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. The main thing a cooler needs to do is keep perishable items cool. So the questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. How long do you need to keep your items cooled?
  2. How much space do you need?
  3. What type of items do you want to keep cool?
  4. How much room do you have on your boat for a cooler?

Those are the four questions you should ask yourself when picking out a marine cooler. I have provided a buyer’s guide within this article that will show you what you need to look for in a marine cooler before purchasing one.


Marine CoolerIce RetentionSize
Igloo Quick & Cool7 Days150 Quarts
Yeti Tundra 655 Days65 Quarts
Otterbox Venture16 Days65 Quarts
Coleman Coastal Xtreme 56 Days100 Quarts
Pelican Elite 10 Days70 Quarts
Orca10 Days26 Quarts
Seavilis Milee5 Days35,45,60 & 75 Quarts
Grizzly 165 Quart5 Days165 Quarts
Landworks 45 Quart10 Days45 Quarts

9 Best Marine Coolers of 2022

Igloo Quick & Cool

Igloo Quick and Cool 100 Qt. Cooler

First up in our list of best marine coolers is the Quick & Cool cooler by Igloo. If you’re looking to keep a lot of items cool for a long period of time then it’s worth taking a look at this cooler.

With its Ultratherm insulation that’s in the lid and in the body will keep ice for up to 7 days. Since it holds a full 150 quarts it has a threaded plug that you can attach a hose to so that you can drain it easily.

The Quick & Cool comes with an easy access hatch so you don’t have to open the whole lid when searching for the item you want. This helps in keeping things cooler for longer periods of time.

You will love the snap-fit latches that keep your contents secure when out on the boat or when transporting your cooler. You will especially appreciate the dual flip-up handles for easy carrying and loading your cooler onto your boat.

Top Features​​​​​

  • Made of Polyethylene
  • Easy Access Hatch
  • Snap Fit Latches
  • Dual Flip-up Handles

This cooler makes a convenient extra bench on your boat as well with the dimensions being 41.63” x 18.69 x 20.25. Throw a couple of cushions on it and you have yourself a soft love seat for two :). It is made of Polyethylene so you know it can stand the weight and the banging around on the boat when the seas get rough.

Yeti Tundra 65

YETI Tundra 65 Cooler, Desert Tan

If you haven’t heard of Yeti coolers you must have been living under a rock the last few years lol. Yeti is a premier company when it comes to top-quality coolers. So second up in our list of best marine coolers is the Yeti Tundra 65.

This cooler was made for boating. Specifically, this cooler from Yeti was designed for rafting in mind but fits on a boat just as well. The Tundra 65 is made out of the same material that whitewater kayaks are made out of which is roto-molded polyethylene.

You don’t have to worry about your ice melting because it’s insulated with FatWall insulation. This insulation is 3” thick and is touted to be bear-resistant! This Yeti is one of those coolers that you can set out in the hot sun for a week straight and your ice will still be there! Not quite as much you put in but you can’t expect no melting without refrigeration after a whole week.

Need an extra set on your boat? Just pick up a Tundra seat cushion. These cushions come made to fit your Tundra cooler. The cushions come in your choice of styles Camo Max and white.

Product Dimensions:

Weight – 29 lbs

Outside – 17 1/4” × 16” × 30 5/8”

Inside – 10 5/8” × 11 1/8” × 23 1/8”

The Tundra 65 also comes with one dry goods basket to keep what you want dry and away from the ice.

Top Features​​​​​​

  • Roto-molded
  • Fits 42 12-ounce cans
  • Dry Goods Basket Included
  • Bear Resistant

Yeti is one of those trusted brands that don’t come around all the time. Strength and durability nothing cools like a Yeti!

Otterbox Venture Cooler 65 Quart

OtterBox Venture Cooler 65 Quart - Ridgeline (Tan/Green)

The Otterbox Venture Cooler is an excellent cooler to have along with you if you are going on an extending camping or fishing trip. Ice retention is superb with this marine cooler. It’s bee reported that you can keep ice for up to 16 days with the Otterbox. That’s over half a month! Amazing!!

To make the cooling effect of the Otterbox last longest you should pre-cool your items before placing them in the cooler, pack it full of ice, keep the lid closed and keep it out of direct sunlight. It’s designed with a mounting system and comes with a bottle opener and dry storage tray.

The total length is 40” handle to handle and holds 65 quarts. Made of insurance grade insulation which is 2” thick keeping your items cold for up to 16 days.

The Venture cooler is made of top quality materials which include:

  • Polypropylene Shells
  • Polycarbonate/ABS Latches
  • Silicone Seal and Latches
  • Two-Part Polyurethane Insulation
  • Stainless Steel Pins
  • Nylon Drain Plug
  • TPE Feet

This cooler is certified bear-resistant as long as you have the locking lid kit which is sold separately. It’s made in Colorado USA and comes with a  lifetime warranty. No worry about the Venture cooler slipping and sliding on the boat because it has anti-slide rubber feet.

Nesting grooves allow a cutting board and dry storage rack to hang on the inner lid which is a great space saver. You can organize it as well with the three slots for custom compartments.

Top Features

  • Keeps Ice For Up to 16 Days
  • Mounting System
  • Comes with a Bottle Opener and Dry Storage Rack
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Dimensions:

External – 40.01” x 18.76 x 18.83”

Internal Top – 27.92” x 11.67” x 13.30”

Internal Bottom – 26.72” x 10.60” x 13.30”

Holds 76 lbs of ice. You can also fit 36 12-oz. Cans and 69 juice boxes in it.

Coleman Coastal Xtreme 5 Marine

Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Portable Cooler , White, 120 Quart

Coleman coolers have been around for quite some time. I have had a lot of these in my years and I have to say I haven’t had one bit of problem with any of them. They are rugged and hold ice retention for an average amount of time. Coleman’s are what you would call the middle of the road coolers but they get the job done for an affordable price.

The Coleman Coastal Xtreme and is one of those coolers that you can take out on the boat and know that your ice will stay frozen and your items will stay cool.

This cooler is 120 quarts and comes in your choice of white, dark blue, slate and tan colors. You get up to six days of cooling. Coleman has made this cooler specifically designed for the boater and fisher in mind. It can withstand saltwater and can I say a very affordable price tag? It can hold an amazing 204 cans of a beverage of your choice.

Use it as a bench on your boat. It holds 250 pounds sitting on top. The hinges are made out of stainless steel so they won’t rust and they have comfort grip handles that won’t pinch when you are carrying the cooler.

The Xtreme cooler by Coleman has rave reviews on Amazon an amazing 77% are 5-star reviews. I can believe it because Coleman is such a trusted brand at an affordable price. It’s an American staple in coolers and camping equipment!

Top Features

  • Keeps Ice For Up to 6 Days
  • Holds 204 cans
  • Cup Holders on top of lid
  • Made specifically for boating and fishing

Product Dimensions:

External – 36.8” x 19.3” x 18.75”

Internal – 33” x 14” x 15”

Pelican Elite 70 Quart

Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler (White/Gray)

Next up we have the Pelican Elite 70 Quart cooler. Pelican makes some of the best coolers around and the Elite is one of them! Pelican’s coolers are made to last a lifetime and they back it up with a Lifetime guarantee. You don’t see that very often with other cooler manufacturers.

This cooler comes with a freezer-grade seal which provides for optimum ice retention. Sturdy ergonomically designed handles for easy transporting to your boat or truck bed. Press and pull latches for easy opening and a molded-in lock hasp with stainless steel plate. It also comes with a built-in bottle opener and cupholders.

Also included is a fish ruler so that you can quickly measure that fish you just caught to make sure it’s the right size to be a keeper. The plug is tether threaded and the drain is sloped so you have an easier time draining.

Another cool thing about the Pelican Coastal Xtreme cooler is it comes in an assortment of colors including:

  • White/Gray
  • Dark Gray/Green
  • Tan/Orange
  • Green/Tan
  • Canyon Red/Coyote
  • Catus Green/Coyote
  • Coyote/Dark Gray
  • Pacific Blue/Coyote

For a cooler that’s a lot of choices in color. And they’re cool looking colors at that not just your plain white or red that you see a lot of times in coolers.

And with this cooler like all the others, you can pick up a seat cushion from Pelican so that you can use your cooler as an extra bench on your boat or camping. They are the perfect height for a bench and added room on your boat for an extra spot to sit and fish!

Pelican coolers are not cheap but they are not cheaply made either. You do get what you pay for in a Pelican. And with the lifetime guarantee well you have nothing to lose!

Top Features

  • Freezer Grade Seal
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Extreme Ice Retention

Orca 26 Quart Cooler

ORCA ORCG026 Cooler with Extendable flex-grip handles for comfortable solo or tandem portage, 26 quart, Green

Orca or Outdoor Recreational Company of America produces top-quality coolers right here in the good old USA! The Orca 40 cooler is a great example of American craftsmanship. Orca’s come in so many vibrant colors that many other cooler companies don’t offer such as:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Navy
  • Light Blue
  • Green
  • Blaze Orange
  • Black
  • Seafoam
  • Tan
  • White
  • Charcoal

The Orca 40 quart cooler will keep your items and ice-cold for up to 10 days. Orca coolers are an all-around great cooler. Easy to carry, many colors to choose from, keep ice-cold for more than a week and a little cheaper than it’s competition the Yeti cooler but made with the same great stuff.

You get a strong roto-molded construction with your Orca cooler that can withstand the rough banging away you can get on a rough boat ride. It comes with an easy-flow drainage spout which makes it a snap to drain your cooler when you are done using it. There is nothing worse than having a cooler that doesn’t drain properly.

This cooler offers a cargo net attachment for extra storage and a lid gasket that ensures proper sealing of the lid. If the lid doesn’t seal right on a cooler well there goes your ice. Seems like a simple concept but some coolers miss the boat on this.

Top Features​​​​​

  • Roto-molded
  • Keeps Ice Up To 10 Days
  • Cargo Net For Extra Storage
  • Easy Flow Drainage Spout

You have to check out the clasps that hold the lid down. They are made of little orca tails! If the clasps are that detailed imagine how the rest of the cooler is made.

If I was going to buy a cooler Orca would be close to the top of my list! Check them out on Amazon.

Seavilis Milee

Seavilis Milee-Heavy Duty Wheeled Cooler 70QT Dark TAN ($50 Accessories Sent Free) with Hanging Wire Basket,Cooler Divider and Cup Holder.

If you’re looking for a professional-grade cooler that’s under $300 then Seavilis Milee cooler would be your best bet! These coolers are tough, durable, and will keep your items cold for a long period of time.

Milee coolers come in 34,45,60 and 75-quart models and in various colors such as:

  • Gray
  • Jungle Green
  • Sky Blue
  • Tan
  • Seafoam Green

They are also roto-molded for durability and are made for camping, fishing, and boating. These coolers are not for those with bad backs because they are heavy. There are many great features that Seavilis provides with their coolers. Here’s what you get:

  • Non-stick Feet
  • Compass
  • Bolt Hinges
  • UV Protection
  • Tie- Downs
  • Pressure Release Button
  • Freezer Style Gasket
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Straps
  • Easy-Open Latches

You get a few extras as well including a cup holder, divider, and basket. Seavilis Milee coolers are a great value for all that you get. You can also use them as a bench in your boat because they can hold up to 220 lbs on it.

Top Features

  • Vacuum Seal
  • Heavy Duty
  • Easy-Open Latches
  • Keeps Ice For a Long Time

What I really like about the Seavilis is that you are able to pressurize the inside which makes for a tight seal to keep the contents fresh and cold.

Grizzly 165 Quart Cooler

Grizzly 165 Cooler, Tan, G165, 165 QT

If you’re in the market for a huge premium cooler then you would want to consider the Grizzly 165 quart cooler. Grizzlies are built to last. Made in the USA this cooler you can fit everything you would need in it for a boat outing and more! This is a roto-molded cooler so it’s tough as nails. It has environmentally friendly insulation if that is one of your concerns.

This cooler features molded-in rope handles, a dry storage tray and the drain plug hole is a  2” round. That makes for some fast draining when you are in a hurry. The latch system is bear claw so it does need any hardware. The lid stays perfectly in place. No need to worry about this thing opening up on you in rough waters when you are cruising around in your boat!

The Grizzly 165 quart can hold 50 lbs of ice and a whopping 152 12-ounce cans of your favorite beverage. This thing weighs 62 lbs when it’s empty. These coolers also come with a lifetime warranty. Not too many coolers give you that! They offer one even bigger at 400 quarts if you need a monster cooler. For something that size, you might as well buy a freezer lol.

Grizzly torture tests their coolers specifically for hunting, fishing, tailgating, and camping in mind. You can get the Grizzly 165 quart in tan or white your choice. So if your a serious about your coolers and want one that is durable and fits a ton of stuff then do yourself a favor and check out the Grizzly 165 quart cooler. You just can’t go wrong with a Grizzly!

Top Features​​​​​​

  • Roto-molded
  • Durable
  • 2″ Drain Hole
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Dimensions:

Outer Dimensions: 47 ¾” x 19 ⅝” x 22 ¾”

Inside Dimensions: 42 ⅛” x 14” x 17 ½”

Landworks 45 Quart Cooler

Landworks Rotomolded ENHANCED Ice Cooler 20QT Up to 10 Day Ice Retention Commercial Grade Food Safe Dry Ice Compatible UV Protection 15mm Gasket Bottle Openers Vacuum Release Valve Lo Profile Latches

Landworks is a trusted company that’s been around for quite some time. They manufacture an array of quality products including augers, wood chippers, utility carts, and now they produce some of the best coolers.

I just had to include Landworks 45 quart coolers as one of the 9 best marine coolers. This is a   safe, dry ice acceptable cooler that can keep ice cold for 10 days or longer as long as the items inside are pre-cooled and kept in low temperatures and out of the sun.

The Landworks cooler offers some excellent and useful features including:

  • Dual Stainless Steel lock-plate
  • Bottle Openers
  • Low Profile Snag-less TPE T-Clasp Latches
  • Nylon Rope Handles
  • Non-skid Feet

This cooler can also be sealed air-tight and has a pressure release valve system that allows for extra long-lasting ice retention and keeps your contents fresh.

It’s also roto-molded for durability and is made of commercial-grade insulation for more ice retention power. The walls of this cooler are 3” thick which should be the standard for coolers but unfortunately, most coolers are only 2” or less.

The seal is commercial grade as well being 360 degrees 15mm D-freezer style gasket. The drain plug is recessed so you won’t have any leaking problems. The tie-down slats are molded with two impact rubber absorbing grips on each side of the cooler. And of course, the shell is UV protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Take it along on your fishing or camping trip. It will keep your food fish or beverages cold for a week! It will fit 48 12-ounce cans of your favorite beverages.

  • Keeps Ice For Up to 10 Days
  • Commercial Grade Seal
  • Pressure Release Valve System
  • Holds 48 12 ounce cans

Product Dimensions:

Weight: 26.45 lbs

Outer Dimensions: 27” x 16.3” x 16.3”

Inside Dimensions:  21.5” x 11” x 21.1”

Marine Cooler Buyers Guide – Things to Consider

marine coolers buyers guide

There a few things you want to take into consideration before purchasing a marine cooler for your boat. In this guide, I will go through those things so that you can make an informed decision on the right cooler for you.

Storage Size

First, you want to determine how big of a cooler you need. Some cooler’s total size that it holds doesn’t always mean cooling size. This is more true with bag coolers because there will be outer pockets that are not part of the cooling space which is included in the overall size description.

Size all depends on how much and what you need to be cooled.

Size of The Cooler

When looking for a marine cooler size will be important. You need to determine how much room you have on your boat for the cooler. Once you have decided how much room you have then you can purchase a cooler that will fit that space on your boat.


You’re going to want a well-insulated cooler so that your items and ice last for as long as possible. 2 – 3 inches of insulation is what you’re looking for. The high-end coolers like Yeti have at least 3″ of insulation foam.

Styrofoam is the best foam for use in cooler insulation and should have an R-value of 5 to 9. The higher the R-value the better the cooler will keep ice cold.

Extra Features

You will want to think about the special features that you would like included in your cooler. Like measuring lines on the top of the cooler for measuring fish length, lid light, bottle opener or cup holders on the lid.

There are many extras a cooler might have so you just need to pay attention to the product details when deciding on what type of marine cooler you want.

Depending on what the cooler is insulated with will determine how long it will keep things cool. The longer you want things to stay cool the higher the price the cooler will be. If you’re looking to keep things cool for a day or less you will be able to settle for a much cheaper cooler.

If you need the cooler to keep things cool for a few days up to a week, your going to want a high-end cooler and will be paying much more. Usually, the longer the cooler is projected to keep things cool the bigger the cooler will be. This makes sense because if you are planning a week-long fishing trip to Canada then you would have a lot of things to keep cool for a long period of time thus the big size of the cooler.

3 Types of Coolers

There are three basic types of coolers.

  • Soft-sided cooler
  • Hard Shell Cooler
  • Electric Cooler
  • Is the Cooler Waterproof?

Believe it or not, some soft-sided coolers can’t handle water. So make sure the cooler you pick is waterproof. You won’t have a problem with hard metal or plastic coolers but some of the soft coolers’ fabric is not waterproof and will eventually deteriorate when exposed to water over time.

Have You Found The Best Marine Cooler?

I hope you found the right marine cooler that suits your needs. There are hundreds of coolers on the market but only a few stand out. I believe these are the best marine coolers that money can buy. Some are expensive but in the end, you get what you pay for.

So if you’re serious about having a quality cooler that will keep your stuff cool for extended periods of time and that will fit on a boat then I think these 9 are some of the best out there.

If you have questions or comments about any of these coolers please leave them in the comments section below and I would be more than happy to answer them. Thanks for reading and I hope you got some informative information out of this review. As always Happy Fishing!

Cory is a content writer-editor and founder of Tackle Box Talk. Favorite Quote: "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

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  1. One of the best articles of its kind that I have ever read!

    A fantastic amount of choice here and some of these coolers look like a cracking purchase; the Grizzly looks an absolute monster.

    The additional feature of a bottle opener sounds like a right call, you know, for keeping the old hydration levels where they need to be while soaking up the sun.

    Also, thanks for the warning about soft-sided coolers not always being waterproof, you have given me a lot to think about and thanks to your article I know I will get the right cooler for me!

    • Thanks, Andy. I try to put as much info as I can when writing reviews so that my readers can purchase the best product for them.

      The little extras like bottle openers and dry storage racks come in handy at times. I hope you find the cooler you are looking for. Anyone of these 7 coolers would be a great choice!

  2. Hi, 

    Thanks for the article on choose the best marine cooler. It was really helpful to have some questions to guide us through the decision making process. Just a thought, wouldn’t “what’s your budget” be a key question in the decision making process? I see there’s a wide price range of these cooler, so it would be helpful to have the price as an extra column to the table. 

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    • Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep that in mind.

  3. This was an awesome review of the best marine coolers for 2019 and beyond as far as I am concerned. I am actually in the market right now looking for a cooler to replace my REALLY OLD Coleman cooler. I use my coolers for both fishing and for tailgating at football games, which is why I am looking to buy one right now.

    For the past few years when going fishing with my friends I was told not to bring my old cooler and I could share my friend’s coolers, simply because there wasn’t enough space. Plus my old Coleman looked out of place. But now that I have seen your review on the Pelican Elite 70 Quart, that’s the one I want!

    Yes I know it is not cheap but in my opinion, the quality will stand the test of time and use. With it now being football season until the new year and going on a couple of fishing trips within these next 3 months, this cooler will get a good workout. I love the look of it, the cup holders, fish ruler, and bottle opener. I know my friend will want me to bring this on his boat.

    • The Pelican Elite 70 quart is a wise choice in coolers, Robert. Those old Colemans were great back in the day, but as technology has advanced, there are many better choices out there in coolers. The new coolers will hold the cold a lot longer than the old ones, and they will last for a long time to come!

      I know you will appreciate the Pelican Elite a lot more than your old Coleman!

  4. Yeti Tundra, Gets the job done!
    I own three Yeti coolers. Tho not cheap, they keep ice longer than any cooler I’ve ever owned.
    The 65 is my work horse. From camping to Hotel stays to concerts at the park, this thing keeps the drinks and snacks cold.
    Lots of compliments when out and about. Easy to clean too.
    I’m a believer.

    • Hi Bonnie, yeah Yeti coolers are some of the best coolers out there. They keep things cold for long periods of time which is great when you are on an extended vacation. Thank you for your feedback on the Yeti Tundra 65!

  5. IGLOO has always made excellent coolers. We used this marine cooler on our 4-day trip to Big Bend and were pleased to find that there were still a few small icebergs when we got home. 30 lbs of ice, moderate use (5-10 openings/day).

    • Hi Dalton, yes I agree IGLOO is one of the top producers of coolers and has been for many years. Thanks for sharing your insight about how well these IGLOO coolers have worked for you.


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