7 Best Fishing Tackle Boxes – Get Organized!

Looking for that perfect tackle box to carry all your essential fishing gear? You are in luck! I have put together a list of the 7 best fishing tackle boxes that money can buy. Some are small and some are large so you have a variety of tackle boxes to choose from and they are the best of the best.

Having the right tackle box that has enough compartments to hold all of your lures and fishing tools is a must when it comes to being prepared when you are out on the lake or river for a big day of fishing.

You also want to make sure you have a tackle box that won’t fall apart on you and that is tough, rugged, and will withstand the riggers of fishing.

Sit back relax and check out the 7 best fishing tackle boxes. I know you will find one that suits your needs.

7 Best Tackle Boxes 2021

Tackle BoxTop Features 
Plano Guide Series Stowaway Rack System Pro


  • Molded Construction
  • 3 Removable Trays
  • Easy Access
  • Large Bulk Storage   Space

Plano Angled Tackle System

  • 5 Removable Utility Trays
  • 15 Degree angled trays for easy access
  • Duraview Doors and Covers
Ready2Fish Tackle Box


  • 130 plus assorted fishing tackle included
  • Clear top for easy viewing
  • Spacious bulk storage
Plano Large 3-Tray


  • 3 Large trays
  • Huge bulk storage
  • Brass locking latch
  • Durable
Runcl Fishing Tackle Box


  • Customizable
  • Waterproof
  • Made for tournaments
  • Designed to stowaway easily
Plano 4 Rack System


  • 4 – 3700 Utility Boxes
  • Clear Plastic Covers
  • Tons of storage
  • Durable
Wakeman Fishing Tackle Box


  • Assorted tackle Included
  • Clear plastic cover
  • Removable tray
  • Bulk storage

1. Plano Guide Series Stowaway Rack System Pro

Plano Angled 787 Guide Series Stowaway Tackle System- Includes 7 Stowaways, Fishing Tackle Storage, Premium Tackle Storage, One Size, Model Number: 787010

First up on our list is the Plano Guide Series Stowaway Rack System Pro. Plano is a company you can trust and they make some of the best tackle boxes at affordable prices.

With this tackle box, you get plenty of storage space. This tackle box measures 21.25” long and 12” high and weighs 13 pounds. The molded construction that Plano builds all their hard shell tackle boxes with will withstand the toughest conditions.

You get separate access to three spinner bait racks that are removable. The top storage tray is removable as well and comes with numerous compartments that can custom made with the dividers that come with this tackle box.

Under the top tray, you get huge bulk storage space for all your larger tackle like fishing line spools, stringers, etc. You can see through the top with the Duraview Lens. This is nice so you don’t have to open up the box to see what you got on top. Just glance through the Duraview lens before you head out and you will know exactly what you have or don’t have in the top tray of 7771.

The dividers that come with this tackle box, the possibilities are endless. You can make hundreds of separate compartments so that you efficiently organize and find the tackle you need when you need it.

You also get four removable Stowaway utility boxes with ProLatch closures that ensure your tackle will not fall out of the boxes.

2. Plano Angled Tackle System

Plano Angled Tackle System with Three 3560 Stowaway Boxes, Fishing Tackle Storage, Premium Tackle Storage

Next in our list is another one from Plano. Introducing the Plano Guide Series Angled tackle system. This is another from the Guide Series by Plano and is another excellent choice in tackle boxes.

With the angled system you get two Plano 2-3650 utility boxes, two 3455 Stowaway utility boxes, one 3607-04 Elite utility box, and one 4648 polycarbonate wallet. Plenty of compartments and tackle trays to hold all your fishing tackle.

This tackle system measures 18” L x 9” W x 11” H and weighs only 5.65 pounds. Very light and easy to carry but the durability you need that you can count on.

The main compartment holds the utility boxes at a 15-degree angle which makes access to them easy. There is a rear pocket that expands for extra storage. This works great for putting those larger items that you need frequently while out fishing. There’s plenty of room for all your essential fishing tackle.

You get the Duraview doors and covers so you can easily see what you have inside without having to open it up. The non-skid rubber feet will keep your tackle box firmly where you put it so no need of worrying about knocking it over accidentally.

You are going to love the large inner storage compartment and the two top storage compartments that are easy to access. The strong latches will keep your tackle safe from falling out while carrying.

The Guide Series Angled tackle system is worth a look. You just can’t go wrong with a Plano! You can check out the price on Amazon by clicking the button below.

3. Ready2Fish Fishing Tackle Box

Ready2Fish Fishing Tackle Box Organizer with Tackle Included, 2 Tray, 136 piece, Blue

The Ready2Fish tackle box is a standard classic tackle box one much like you would have had when you were a kid. This tackle box is perfect for the beginning or novice angler and can hold all the fishing tackle that is essential for a typical day of fishing. It makes a great starter tackle box especially for children who are interested in fishing.

This box comes with two plastic trays that are divided up into compartments so you can organize the tackle that you use most frequently. You get a 3 ½” deep bulk storage underneath the tray that works great for holding your larger lures or extra fishing line and fishing tools or pliers.

 It’s a strong durable but lightweight box that easy to transport and that will tuck away easily into any boat when not in use.

One of the biggest pluses of this tackle box is the fact that it comes filled with 130 plus pieces of assorted tackle including:

  • 3-way Plano tackle box
  • 2 tray pack tackle box
  • ⅛ oz. jig head
  • Ten size BB
  • 3/0 & 7 split shot
  • 2 tray box with accessories
  • Poly Stringer
  • Two 6” curl tail worms
  • Two 3” & 4” curl tail grubs
  • Thirty size 2 hooks
  • One hook Removal tool
  • Floats, weights, swivels, and lures
  • Thirty-one of #4 and Thirty-one of #6 hooks

So if you are new to fishing or are a novice this tackle box is perfect everything you need for a productive day of fishing comes in this tackle box. You even get a handy little fishing guide that gives you tips for beginner anglers.

4. Plano Large 3 Tray Tackle Box

Plano Large 3-Tray with Top Access Tackle Box, Gray, Pack of 1

If you looking for a large-size tackle box that can fit all your essential fishing gear then the Plano large 3-tray tackle box is the way to go.

You get three large trays that are divided into compartments to organize your tackle. Some of the compartments can be adjusted with the provided dividers. The top tray front row can be divided into 5 separate compartments and the section on the right can take one divider.

The left 5 sections on the left side of the bottom tray can take one divider. So there are plenty of options for you to customize the compartments to fit your needs.

The bulk storage on this tackle box is 4” deep when closed so you have room for larger items like pliers and extra fishing line or large lures.

Your tackle will stay secure will in transport with the brass locking latch that comes on this Plano tackle box. It’s also made of durable plastic that can withstand any jostling around you might encounter on the water. And the handle makes this tackle box easy to carry and it’s lightweight to boot.

The price is right for the amount of space you get. Check out the price and individual reviews on Amazon by clicking the button below.

5. Runcl Fishing Tackle Box

The Runcl fishing tackle box is made for tough conditions that you typically find in tournament-style fishing. If a tackle box can handle the riggers of a tournament than it certainly can handle a regular day on the lake!

This tackle storage box is designed to stow away so that you can maximize the space on your boat.

The casket is 360 degrees of waterproof. The waterproof seals ensure that your tackle will stay dry if the tackle box lands in the water or if you get heavy rains.

The casket is also made with translucent plastic that will keep your tackle from getting damaged from the harmful rays of the sun and it will ensure that your tackle will last for a long time to come.

Another plus with the translucent plastic is that you can see what’s inside your tackle box without having to open it up.

Customization is a snap with the provided dividers. Just place the dividers where you want them and you will have a well-organized tackle box for ultimate efficiency of finding the tackle you need when you need it!

You will appreciate the huge bulk area which is great for storing your fishing tools, stringers, extra fishing line, and more. Your tackle will be secure from falling out with the secure latches that come on the Runcl fishing tackle box.

Check out the reviews, extra features, and prices on Amazon by clicking the big blue button below.

6. Plano 4-Rack System 3700 Tackle Box

Plano 137401 By Rack System 3700 Size Tackle Box, Multi, 16" X 12" X 17.25" 6lbs

The Plano 4 by rack system is one of those tackle boxes that is more of a stationary storage tackle box because it holds a ton of tackle and can get quite heavy when fully loaded.

With this tackle system, you get durability and plenty of space for all your tackle. The four 3700 utility boxes are interchangeable so you can put them in any order you want.

You get small compartments on the top so you can access your most used lures with ease. And it also has clear plastic covers over these compartments on top so you can look and see what’s inside without opening the covers.

Plano makes all their tackle boxes in the United States and they come with a limited lifetime warranty. The price is right for this size tackle box and it can also be used to hold tools or other items and is cheaper than a toolbox would be.

The Plano 4 by rack system tackle box is a monster of a tackle system that is well worth any serious anglers’ time in checking it out.

Check out the price and reviews on Amazon

7. Wakeman Fishing Tackle Box and 55pc Tackle Kit

Fishing Single Tray Tackle Box- 55 Piece Tackle Gear Kit Includes Sinkers, Hooks Lures Bobbers Swivels and Fishing Line by Wakeman Outdoors Red, 12.75 inches (l) x 7.00 inches (w) x 5.5 inches (h)

The Wakeman Outdoor tackle box is very much a traditional tackle but except it has a special clear top so you can see at a glance what’s inside.

You can easily organize this tackle box with separate compartments in the top removable tray. Underneath the top tray is a spacious bulk storage area to put all your larger fishing items.

Measurements are 12.75” long by 7” wide by 5.5” high. The bulk storage depth is 4.25” and the tray is 1.25” deep.

The handle can be folded down for easy transport and storage of the box when it’s not in use. You also get all the essential tackle that you need which comes standard in the Wakeman tackle box. The tackle that’s included is:

Assorted sinkers and weights

Line Clipper

Snelled and jig head hooks

Round and Slip bobbers

Hook remover tool

Fishing line


Spoon crankbaits and plastic fishing lures

The Wakeman is another great tackle box for the beginner or novice angler. It’s a sturdy tackle box with plenty of space for the novice angler to bring everything he or she would need for an effective day out on the lake.

Wakeman Outdoors makes all sorts of quality fishing and camping equipment that help outdoors persons enjoy their time in the great outdoors.

Tackle Box Buyers Guide

Every angler wants a great tackle box that has enough storage to hold all your essential gear. There are a few things you will want to consider before buying a tackle box.

First, you will want to access your fishing tackle and see how big of a tackle box you need. How many compartments does the tackle box have and is there sufficient bulk storage for my larger fishing items such as fishing tools, line, and stringers?

You want to make sure that the tackle box is durable to withstand abuse while out fishing. You don’t want a tackle box that will break and crack at the first little drop.

Do you want compartments to be customizable? If so there should be dividers included in the tackle box so you can do that.

You will want to know if the tackle box is easy to carry and if it has a clear view so that you can see inside without having to open it up. Can you access your most essential fishing tackle with ease?

The last thing you want while fishing is having to dig around in the tackle box to find items. You want everything to be organized well and the right tackle box will have compartments and dividers so you can do just that.

Look for tackle boxes that come with utility trays or boxes with them. These work well for the organization of your tackle.

Soft or Hard Shell?

Determine if you want a soft or hard shell tackle box or bag. The softshell is more like bags than boxes and they usually come with many utility boxes that slip right in compartments in the bags.

Hardshell tackle boxes can withstand the tough abuse they sometimes get when fishing. Softshell bags are easier to carry around because they are much lighter and usually come with shoulder straps for easy transport.

No matter, if it’s a soft or hard shell tackle box you are in the market for you, will want to make sure that they latch or close securely so your tackle doesn’t fall out or get jumbled and twisted up during transport.

At the end of the day having the right tackle box will help you stay organized and possibly be the determining factor in catching that fish or the one that got away!


To recap here the 7 best fishing tackle boxes.

  1. Plano  7771 Guide Series Tackle Box

  2. Plano Angled Tackle System

  3. Ready2Fish Fishing Tackle Box

  4. Plano Large 3 Tray Tackle Box

  5. Runcl Fishing Tackle Box

  6. Plano 4-Rack System 3700 Tackle Box

  7. Wakeman Fishing Tackle Box

So now you have enough information to make an informed buying decision on the best fishing tackle box for you.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below. And as always Happy Fishing!

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  1. I have been an avid fisherman since I was a kid when my dad ued to take us. Back then we had our own tackle boxes that we made out of an old tool chest.It was heavy but it worked. LOL Now as an adult I a big fan of the Plano boxes. Maybe as they remind me of those old tool boxes. The storage and the amount of tackle these things hold is incredible. Coupled with the lightweight durability I cant beat it. Great assortment post of tackle boxes.

    • Plano makes some excellent tackle boxes. They are much better and a whole lot lighter the old tackle boxes we had as kids.


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