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Ice Fishing House Supplies – Be Prepared For The Ice

Ice Fishing House SuppliesSo, you’ve chosen your lake, set aside the time, and decided you want to try your hand at ice fishing. I’ve found it to be a great way to relax and, once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a rewarding way to earn your dinner. That said, it’s critical to do your research and make sure you’re all caught up with the best ice fishing house supplies that you will need.

For me, proper equipment is necessary to enjoy the process, and enjoying it is essential to catch fish. Let’s see what’s out there.

Getting comfortable

When I began to prepare for my first outing ice fishing, I was woefully unprepared. I thought a big jacket and four walls to block out the wind would keep me sufficiently warm.

Little did I know that without an insulated seat, the ambient cold will get to you, one way or another, no matter how prepared you think you are. I’ve personally found that those two pieces of ice fishing house supplies to be the two most important when it comes to enjoying the experience.

Many people swear by sitting on their bucket, but I say they’re crazy. Sitting for hours on something with minimal insulation is just a nightmare, and you lose a lot of body heat.

Maybe they have better circulation than I do, but I don’t know if I’d still be ice fishing today without insulated chairs. I’m a fan of the Clam® Chair, which you can get at any sporting goods store with ice fishing house supplies.clam chair

In addition to a nice, warm seat, I find it necessary to have a good shelter for the long haul. Depending on your budget, there are a few approaches you could take.

I must have seen re-purposed trailers a hundred times. That can be expensive and, if done wrong, disappointing and cold.

One of the most important parts of being able to enjoy the experience is keeping yourself comfortable Staying out of the wind is crucial as well.

DIY Ice Houses

Too many times I’ve seen big, do-it-yourself shelters that don’t get the job done. I imagine these people thinking they’re saving money, but it’s quite inexpensive to buy a shelter, there are some good ones on the market.

For budget ice fishers, Cabela’s sporting goods sells a serviceable ice fishing shelter, and the brands Shappell and Frabill sell similarly priced shelters of similar quality for a price point of roughly 150-200 dollars.

Breaking the Ice

By this point, you’ve got an idea on how to manage the temperature and stayingEskimo Sting Ray comfortable, but now it’s time to get down to business. Breaking the ice.

First things first, you’re going to need an auger. The auger is one of the most fundamental pieces of ice fishing house supplies, hands down.

I’ve heard of some awful ways people have tried to make a hole in the ice. But, anything but a specially designed piece of machinery is asking for trouble.

If you’re not familiar with ice fishing, you might be asking what is an auger? A fair question, I was confused at first too. Despite the technical term, it’s mainly just a drill for the ice.

I must advise against using anything else to break the ice. An auger is the safest way to get through the ice. That’s because it runs the least risk of cracking the ice, which is very dangerous.

There are a few on the market at the moment, and I’ve had no problems with the cheaper ones, such as the Eskimo Hand Ice Auger (about $50) here in Wisconsin.

That said, you may want to consider a gas-powered model, such as the Eskimo Sting Ray 33cc with 8″ Quantum Auger, running about $250 if you live further North, like Canada, where the ice tends to get thicker.

But when it comes to augers, though, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’ve got the budget for it, it’s a smart move in the long-term to buy a heavy-duty auger that can last you for as long as you keep ice fishing.

What sort of rod do I need to go ice fishing?

st.croix legend ice fishing rods

Typically, in my experience, ice-fishing requires a rod a bit longer than I grew up with. Once I got used to it, though, the 24-40 inch rods started to make perfect sense. And I began to understand the specifics of hovering over a hole in the ice.

For me, the various rods I’ve gotten over the years are some of my favorite ice fishing house supplies. In time, you too might have a whole slew of multiple rods for various purposes.

So, now you know longer rods are generally more common in ice fishing. Now it’s time to think of the reel. Usually, ultralight reels are the go-to, and ice fishing specific models are much cheaper than their open water counterparts.

When I go ice fishing, I try to stay modest concerning my catch. So I tend to be happy catching perch, crappie, and bluegill, which are relatively common prey when ice fishing.

For these fish, I prefer inexpensive rods. I have enjoyed variously using my 13 Fishing brand Widow Maker Ice Rod. Also like my Frabill brand Straight Line 101, and my Cabala’s Tourney Trail® Ice Combos over the years.

Time to hit the ice

Now it’s time to put all these pieces of equipment to use! If it’s your first time using an auger, you might want to bring along someone who knows how to use it. It’s easily the most technical part of the whole process.

With a little patience, you can figure it out on your own. Once you’ve got your hole and set up your shelter, you get to enjoy the relaxation.

Depending on your luck, you may have either a productive first year or an educational one. Considering you’ve done your research on ice fishing house supplies, you can expect at least some success.

In just a few seasons you’ll become a wise old fisherman, and you’ll be looking forward to every winter. That’s how I feel about it, and I hope you will too, it’s a great way to spend your winters.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. You can also email me directly  Thanks for Reading and Happy Fishing.

Ice Fishing Crappie Jigs – Which Ones The Right One?

ice fishing crappie jigsThe winter season is one of my favorite times of the year to go fishing. The routine of packing all my fishing gear up and heading to the lake relaxes me. One of my favorite fish to catch is the crappie, and my favorite way to catch them is with ice fishing crappie jigs.

Crappies are usually just a little bigger than panfish, and they taste oh so good. Just gut’em scale’em and throw ’em in the frying pan! I love catching my limit of these suckers every chance I get.

Why Jig For Crappie In The Winter?

In the winter the crappies tend to congregate together. This makes them much easier to catch than in the summer fishing season. Also in the winter, the crappies like to stay on the bottom of the lake and in the weeds like a bass.

There are many ways to catch crappies but when ice fishing for crappies it’s best to go with jigging. That’s because of the crappies being on the bottom of the lake where jigging is most effective. Jigging is the most popular method of catching crappies through the ice. This is because you can’t cast when ice fishing unless you are incredibly talented.

Verticle Jigging

Fishing Lure JigWhen you vertical jig you essentially raise your pole up and down repeatedly pausing then letting it drop down. This makes the fish think that it’s live bait that’s swimming naturally in the water. Just drop your jig close to the bottom trying not to go all the way to the bottom because this could stir up the sediment causing the crappies to scatter. You don’t want that to happen. You want them to all stay in a school.

Keep jigging it up and down pausing in between until you snag one. When I ice fish with jigs using the vertical method I use an ice fishing pole without a reel. You can jig through the ice with a reel attached, but it’s not needed for this method of fishing.


Ice Fishing Crappie Jigs – What To Look For?

==> The size of the jigs should be quite small. Bigger jigs will hinder your activity a little bit. The size I prefer using is in the 1/64 to 1/16 oz. range. The crappies metabolism slows down in the winter months. As a result, the crappies slow down as well. The crappies will be attracted to the smaller jigs, and they will tend to strike faster and easier.

By using the smaller jigs the crappies won’t get so riled up so easily. This keeps the crappies grouped in a school so that you don’t have to drill more holes looking for the fish.

==> The colors of the jig is even more important than the size. It all depends on a few factors of what colors of ice fishing crappie jigs to use.

1. Color Of The Water

Ice Fishing JigsIf your fishing in dark/murky water then you would want to go with bright colors. Colors that give off a glow effect:

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Yellow etc.

If the water is clear you want to pick:

  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Shiny Metallic

2. Depth Of The Water

If you’re fishing in deep water, you are going to want to with brighter color ice fishing crappie jigs that glow. A metallic finished jig could work as well. It gives that glimpse of shine the crappies like to see.

The deeper you go, the brighter the colors should be. So when using ice fishing crappie jigs, you probably want to go with the brighter colored jigs because you are fishing more towards the bottom of the lake. The bottom is where the water is darkest.

3. Thickness Of The Ice

Lake Superior IceIf the ice is thick, you want to use the brighter colored jigs. If the ice is thin, go with the more dull colors. Also, how much snow is on the ice will make a difference. If there’s a lot of snow on the ice go with brighter colors. If not much snow or clear ice go with the dull colors.

That gives you an idea of what colors of jigs to use and under what conditions to use them. You use bright colors for dark situations and dark colors for light situations.

This is not set in stone. Some days the fish might contradict the norm. Just experiment and try different colors with certain situations and you will find the right color jig you’re looking for.


Recommended Jig Brands

I put together a list of ice fishing crappie jigs I like to use when I’m out ice fishing. There are five different major brands that catch those crappies in a snap.


1. Marabou Chenille – Night Fishing Lures

These jigs glow in the dark and are for night ice fishing or can be used on cloudy days and if the water is dark and murky. With this offer, you get a 6pk which you can mix and match different colors of jigs and try them out. Great for the beginner in  



2. Tailored Tackle

Tailored Tackle has a 75pcs starter kit with an assortment of ice fishing lures and jigs. Various colors and sizes come in this package — another great pack of ice fishing crappie jigs for the beginner.









3. Kenders Outdoors Ice Fishing Jigs

This Kenders Outdoors kit comes with a vast assortment of ice fishing jigs 75pcs and a waterproof carrying case to boot. Pick this one up if your ready to do some serious crappie fishing!


kenders outdoors ice fishing

To Conclude

Ice fishing crappie jigs are numerous in size and diverse in colors and variations of colors. There is a lot to choose from. In the end, you have to try different ones out with varying situations of ice fishing to find the right fight for you. Every new day ice fishing for crappie with jigs can be a challenge, but to me, that’s the fun of it. Now, take what you have learned today and get out there and catch your limit of crappies. See ya on the ice!

If you have a question or comment on this article or anything fishing leave them in the comments below. You can email me directly Thanks, and remember… You can Catch Your Fish And Eat’em 2. Happy Fishing All!


Ice Fishing Pole Holder – How to Catch More Fish

Ice Fishing Pole HolderFinding A Quality Ice Fishing Pole Holder

I realized the first time I wanted to go ice fishing that there was so much I didn’t know. To top that off, there was so much stuff that I didn’t have.

An ice fishing pole holder was first on my list because I wanted to fish with a few poles at one time. Therefore, I decided to do a lot of researching.

One of the items that I had to find was the best ice fishing pole holder, in order to eliminate the stress of the pole while I was out on the ice. I decided to put a few lists together in order to help me make a better decision. I thought that my list may be of use for those in a similar predicament.


Versatility is important when researching pole holders. If the pole does not have any versatility, then the pole can be taken by any fish from under the ice, causing me to lose a piece of equipment that was essential to have. I want to be the best at ice fishing, therefore finding an ice fishing pole holder is a priority in my book.


Most pole holders have this feature. Durability is not built into all ice pole holders. Therefore, I made a list of the top pole holders that had consistent durability as well as ability to make any adjustment that was necessary.

Shelter Fit:

I knew that a quality pole holder needed to have the option of fitting any type of shelter. Therefore, I spent some time looking at different products. I wanted to see if they had any options to fit multiple shelter styles. Shelters varied in multiple ways, so I needed to be well diversified to complete the rest of my gear.


The overall design of the pole holders needed to have a strong and solid design. They needed to be able to handle different types of fish. And support the pole if I stepped away for a few minutes. The design should also have the ability to hold multiple lines.

I needed a holder that was able to adjust to different levels and was simple to maintain. I was aware that fish have senses. So I had to take that into account. I knew the pole holder had to be carefully designed so that the pole could easily be balanced and moved around.

Pivot Capabilities:

When I looked for different pole holders, I learned that some of them had the ability to pivot. I then learned that it depends on how you are ice fishing that makes the difference. Since I do different methods of ice fishing, I tried a few different pole holders out that had the option to pivot.

Fish have certain senses and with the use of a pivot on the holder, it allowed the pole to shift with the water making it more natural to the fish.

Does It Include Hardware?

Included in the pole holder package should be all the hardware needed. I wanted my set up to be simple and less stressful because ice fishing can take a lot out of a person. If all the hardware was already included, I would not have to go about and find all the required materials. I would just need to install it.

ice fishing pole holdersA Few Ice Fishing Pole Holders That Are Top Quality:

I put together a few top ice fishing pole holders. When you head out on the ice I hope these pole holders will be a great fit. And to help make your experience easier when you head out to go ice fishing.

Hawkeye Catch Cover MF02 Portable Multi-Flex Rod Holder

This pole holder is simple and lightweight and tough as nails!  Very versatile as well. Price is $23.19 on Amazon.

•  EDTara Ice-Fishing Dual Holder 

The EdTara is a double pole holder. It rotates 360 degrees and is wind resistant. It’s corrosion proof and environmentally friendly. Price for this one is only $7.38 on Amazon.

• Brocraft Ice Fishing Bucket Rod Holder 

This holder attaches either to an ice shack, portable pop up shack or right to your ice bucket! It’s very versatile and can rotate 360 degrees for easy fishing. You can pick this one up at Amazon for $13.99.

Final Thoughts

I learned that the more knowledge that I obtained, the better my skills in ice fishing grew. I found that the ice fishing pole holders made a huge difference. Especially in actually capturing the fish. My ice fishing escapades would be less stressful if it was simple to maintain and set up.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. You can also email me directly

St.Croix Legend Ice Fishing Rods

Eskimo Ice Auger Review – Sting Ray 33cc with 8″ Quantum Auger

Eskimo Ice Auger Review

Product: Eskimo Sting Ray 33cc w/ 8” Quantum Gas Auger
Price: $309.99
Cheapest Place to buy:
Guarantee: 5 year Warranty
My Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Eskimo Sting Ray 33cc with 8 in. Quantum Ice AugerIt’s that time of the year again, Winter!! And along with winter comes… You guessed it ice fishing season. It’s also time for an Eskimo Ice Auger Review.

Like many of you anglers out there I hate it when I don’t have a quality auger to work with. It can turn a fun weekend of fishing into a nightmare.

Trying constantly to tear through the ice with what seems like a dull butter knife. This constant forcing the auger to cut through uses a ton of fuel and also your own energy. By the time you get through the ice, you are too tired to fish.

I know you might say why not get the blade sharpened? After so many times of sharpening and the cost to get that done, it’s just not worth it. Ice augers only last so long and as many ice holes I cut in a year it doesn’t take long. Especially if I’m using a cheap off brand of an auger.

If you go through what I just explained this Eskimo ice auger review might be for you. Eskimo is a time-tested quality brand of ice augers and ice fishing equipment of all kinds. Today I will be reviewing just one of their products…

The Sting Ray 33cc with 8″ Quantum Gas Ice Auger

First off for the price you’re paying for this ice auger you are getting a darn good deal. At under $300 right out of the box, you can’t complain. The quality is impeccable compared to some of its competitors. The Sting Ray has all the features you would want in an ice auger.

This thing is lightweight but tough and durable cutting thru 30″ of ice with no problem. It has a little trouble starting at around -20 Fahrenheit. It could depend on if your gas is old you will have a harder time starting the Sting Ray. To remedy that I make sure I have clean gas every time I go out ice fishing then it should start with not too many issues in the cold. If it’s that cold I either don’t go out ice fishing or I have my holes already drilled and I throw tip-ups in them. Then I just watch the tip-ups from my ice shack! I don’t mind the cold but not that cold. I must be getting old lol.

Eskimo Ice Auger Review Features

Here are some quality features that come on The Sting Ray 33cc Ice Auger:

  • Blades – This Eskimo ice auger comes Quantum blades that can be replaced if needed, These blades cut through ice like butter. They are strong and you can rely on them. Nothing worse than cheap crappy auger blades. Re-drilling holes are a snap with the center ring on this auger.
  • Engine – The quantum blades are powered by great running 33cc 2 cycle Viper Engine that has starting power in very cold weather but like I said you will run into a little trouble starting it when you get to around -20 to -30 Fahrenheit. Having clean gas could fix this issue and is more than likely the cause of it not wanting to start in these temperatures. They use sealed ball bearings in their transmission, not bushings! Eskimo is the only auger company using sealed ball bearings in their transmissions!
  • Mitten-grip recoil – so that you can start the engines with your gloves.
  • Muffler guard – so you don’t get burnt
  • Primer Button makes it easy to start.
  • Handles – The foam grip handlebars provide for less vibration and angle upwards for better control.
  • Blade Protector – Comes with a protective hard plastic cover that adjusts with a rubber strap.


The Eskimo Sting Ray 33cc w/ 8” Quantum Gas Auger only weighs 28lbs. It’s easy to haul around and carry around when you have a ton of holes to cut. You will be having people around wanting you to drill their holes for them because they see how quick and easy your auger is cutting.

This has a 2 stroke motor and uses a 50:1 gasoline to oil ratio.

Dimensions of the product are 50″ high x 50″ long x 22″ wide. Nice compact but tough ice auger. This ice auger also comes with a 5-year warranty. I don’t know the specifics of the warranty to you would want to check that out for yourself.

The Choice Is Yours

In this Eskimo Ice Auger Review, I have shown you all the features and specifics that this ice auger has to offer. In my opinion, this is an excellent ice auger. It’s tough and durable and at only 28lbs it’s lightweight and easy to carry around and maneuver. Quiet running compared to many augers out there. The blades on this thing are sharp right out of the box. They are strong and reliable. With a center ring that keeps the blade from skipping around on the ice and making re-drilling holes easy as pie.

Eskimo Ice Auger Review

A 33cc 2 stroke Viper engines with sealed ball bearings in the transmission. And starts in cold weather with only 2 or 3 pulls! The only con to the Eskimo Sting Ray 33cc w/ 8” Quantum Gas Auger that I could see is the trouble starting at -20 to -30 Fahrenheit. I heard that from only one person so I think if you have fresh gas in it and have mixed the gas to oil ratio right this shouldn’t be a problem.

The price is right at only $309.99 and shipping is free if you have an Amazon Prime account! A 5-year Warranty is in itself a top feature of the auger.

I hope you got some useful information out of this Eskimo Ice Auger Review. If you have questions about this product or about anything that has to do with fishing please leave a comment below and I will answer your questions the best I can.

Happy ice fishing,

Cory Haasnoot

Sting Ray 33cc with 8 in. Quantum Ice Auger

St.Croix Legend Ice Fishing Rods

St.Croix Legend Ice Fishing Rods – Sensitivity Is The Name Of The Game

st.croix legend ice fishing rodsIt’s that time of the year again, Winter… And when winter creeps upon our doorstep so does the ice on the lakes. Ice fishermen from all over get the urge to get out and do some ice fishing. You will want to make sure you have a sturdy, sensitive, quality rod like the St.Croix Legend ice fishing rods.

These fishing rods will help you catch your limit. Legend ice fishing rods have excellent sensitivity because of the black anodized spring coiled strike indicator system. This provides above par bobber versatility and performance of these ice fishing rods. You will see that a fish is on the end of your line before you even feel it! That’s the kind of ice fishing rod every angler dreams about having.

The spring coil system is fully adjustable and also interchangeable which is useful in the customization of the rods. When you get the rod customized to suit you just right; don’t be surprised if you catch your limit time and time again. You’ll be hooking the fish before the fish even knows what hit’em!

St.Croix Legends Ice Fishing Rods Series

There are 3 lineups in the legend ice fishing rod series that we will be discussing throughout this article. The legend gold came out for ice fishing season 2013/2014. The Silver edition came out that same season and the Black edition came out in 2017/2018 season.

All 3 of these editions have the coil spring bobber system  (sold separately) which makes them so sensitive. Most ice anglers opt for the ultralight and or light versions when fishing for fussy biting and up feeding fish because of the high sensitivity built right into these rods.

The whole legend series is built on a graphite blank. This is as solid as it gets in an ice fishing rod. The St.Croix Legend ice fishing rods are very strong rods that will take the abuse and you can keep on fishing!

Gold Series

St. Croix Legend Super Finesse Spring Bobber

This series is made of 24k gold plate. The gold color helps if you are fishing on a cloudy day or if you’re night fishing with a bad light source. This series also has a Fuji SK2 reel seat.

The handle is made of neoprene-skin. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that can maintain its flexibility over a wide temperature range. This makes it ideal for ice fishing.

The gold series comes in only one length which is 24″. That is what the length is for the original St.Croix Legend ice fishing rods.

Silver Series

The silver series comes in an original stainless-steel finish. They have a cork trim around a secure lock reel seat. The silver series legend rods come in 10 tension supports and 4 different lengths…

  • 17” Model – comes only in Light tension support
  • 24″ Model – comes in Ultra Light, Light, Medium Light, Medium and Medium Heavy
  • 30″ Model – comes in Light, Medium Light, and Medium
  • 48″ Model – only comes in MediumSt. Croix Legend Black Ice Fishing Rods

Black Series

The black series legend rod is the top of the top in the Legend series of ice fishing rods. This series is one of the best freshwater ice fishing rods on the market. Black features a stainless-steel strike indicator. It’s super-finesse and high-tension so you know when those fish are biting.

It has the adjustability with the interchangeable spring indicator system. That is what makes this rod more sensitive than others on the market. This lets ice anglers notice the smallest nibbles and catch that fish before you even feel it.

The fully adjustable and interchangeable spring indicator system is much more sensitive than any other type of indicator, allowing ice anglers to see the most subtle bump or strike before it can be felt. The St.Croix Legend Black ice fishing rods come in many models with different lengths and tension supports.

  • 17” Model – comes only in Light tension support
  • 24″ Model – comes in Ultra Light, Light, Medium Light, Medium and Medium Heavy
  • 30″ Model – comes in Light, Medium Light, and Medium
  • 48″ Model – only comes in Medium

At The End Of The Day

The St.Croix Legend ice fishing rods are a perfect choice if you are looking for durability and sensitivity while fishing for those low biting fish. These Legend rods can withstand the torture of ice fishing like if it falls on the hard ice or bending almost in half. These rods will bounce right back because of their graphite blank that their made of their sensitivity derives from the unique spring coiled strike indicator system that they are all equipped with.

Most anglers get the lighter versions of the rods. The length of the rod is a personal preference. I would recommend this rod series to those fishermen and women who love to go pan, crappie and perch fishing. And also to those anglers who love to catch their limits day in and day out. Now, that’s good eating!

Now, check out what’s available in the Legend Rods Series by clicking below. Thank you for reading and if you have questions or comments please send them my way. Remember, you can Catch Your Fish and Eat’em 2!

Legend Ice Fishing Rods

Ian Miller Fishing Rods – Most Unique Rods In The World

Ian Miller Fishing Rods – Most Unique Rods In The World

Ian Miller Fishing RodsHave you ever fished with one of these Ian Miller fishing rods? If you said no do yourself a favor and buy one of these beauties! You won’t regret it.

You know whoever said fishing is like dating and that it’s all catch and release until you find a keeper was not far from being right. I have been fishing for life, and it’s one of the most therapeutic things anyone can do.

I believe I speak for all fishing lovers when I say as much as my community loves to fish; we also love talking about it. Well, at least I love to talk about fishing. Let’s start with basics; successful fishing requires some essential gear.

Top Five Fishing Gears

Rod and Real – First of all Ian Miller Fishing Rods – One of the more unique fishing rods in the world is my go-to source when it comes to rods. I would say go simple and easy on your first fishing rod and reel as long as it can bait and lure fish. You can dive deeper into exploring the different types of rods used for different fishing styles when you get the hang of it.

Line – I get fascinated that of late, fishing lines are designed with various materials and diameters to give anglers more options. Who doesn’t like options and freedom to choose whatever works?

Tackle – The three types of tackles you need to think of are hooks, floats, and weights. This will all make sense if you stick around longer.

Bait or Lures – I use live baits like shiners and nightcrawlers to entice fish because I know that my target fish loves eating those. They work like a charm. Over time, I got bored with using baits only and spiced my catch by using lures. Maybe not bored, that’s not a word I like to use, but it reaches a time in fishing when all you want is a little challenge.

Tackle box – Golfers and tennis players have their small bags just like fishing enthusiasts. My tackle box carries all the gear I need for fishing thus increasing my mobility.

Identify Your Purpose

Large Mouth BassFirst things first: before choosing between the Ian Miller fishing rods, you need to know which type of fish you intend to catch because that affects the rod action and power. If you use the right rod to catch the wrong fish, it will break without a doubt. When deciding on the suitable fishing rod for fishing getaways, I always consider:

• The kind of persons using it.

• The type of fish to be caught.

• Location of fishing: lake, ocean, fish pond or boat.

• Method of fishing.

• Time of fishing.

In my other life, I tend to be a natural when it comes to mastering new things like I have aced fishing? In all my past knowledge, experience and glory, I can assure you that this natural superpower called fishing talent can fail you if you have the wrong gear.

Factors to Consider when Choosing an Ian Miller Fishing Rod

Ian Miller Fishing Rod ChartI got to tell you though that choosing a fishing rod is not as easy as I might make it look. See, there are so many fishing rods with publicized details that it can be overwhelming to decide. Not to worry though, with practice and my guidance, you can become your an expert with time. I bet you would like considering the following before making your first purchase:

  • Type of Fish

Regardless of where my fishing escapades take me, I try to find out the kind of fish dominating the water body of my choice. Having this knowledge is powerful. Knowing the type of fish, I am targeting priory helps in researching my chances of getting a good catch.

I research on the feeding habits of different fish and get to know which specific baits and lures are favorable. The research process includes finding out where particular target fish are in plenty and about the life cycle of different fish. Such nitty-gritty details always help me to score some pretty amazing catches.

  • Rod action

Okay, what happens now that I know the type of fish I would like to catch? The next step includes choosing the right fishing rod. Rod action is a term used to refer to how the rod behaves in different circumstances. How long is it? Does it flex a lot or a little? How long does it take after flexing to return to its original position?

A lot of the rod action and power is determined by the type of material used to make the rod. Again, it comes down to the basics. I must know my target fish, and that knowledge places me in a better position to choose the rod with an appropriate rod taper and length to handle the fish.

  • Materials

Owning a unique fishing rod comes down to the type of material used to design the rod. Ian Miller fishing rods, for instance, are my number one recommendation. The rods feature exquisite detail in their construction. Fortunately, materials for producing rods have diversified over time. They range from carbon, graphite, fiberglass and composite materials. The type of material used determines the overall rod action.

  • Budget

I know that you can only scratch your back up to where you can. Money is another fundamental determiner of the kind of rod that you can get. I wanted to venture into fishing for life so badly that I saved for months only so that I could get a unique fishing rod. If you intend on fishing for the long-term, invest in a good rod once and for all. If you are in it for the short-term, then buy what you can afford or stick to hiring high-quality equipment.

Popular Catches

Below are some of my favorite fish catches, and most of them are what you are likely to catch:

• Bass

• Salmontypes of fish

• Panfish


• Trout

• Marlin

• Catfish

Types of Ian Miller Fishing Rods


If there’s one thing my fishing experience has taught me is that as much as fishing is a fun activity, the kind of gear I use is instrumental in determining whether I make a catch or not. The following are different categories of fishing rods from which you must choose:

  1. Casting Rods – These are the simplest rods to use and very ideal for beginners
  2. Ultra-Light Rods – These are short and light because they are designed for small fish.
  3. Spinning Rods – They are slightly technical to use and are the most preferred for sports fishing.
  4. Fly Rods – These are instrumental for fly fishing.
  5. Telescopic Rods – They are flexible enough to collapse the rod length on a shallow surface or extend the length into a deep surface. I find this rod ideal for surf fishing.
  6. Surf Rods – Largely used in sea fishing. They are long and robust enough to withstand heavy baits.
  7. Trolling Rods – They are used to fish in a moving boat. The motion of the boat sinks the bait in the water.

Always remember that you get what you pay for. With Ian Miller fishing rods you’ll get a quality, unique fishing rod.

Fishing is my go-to therapeutic activity. The better you treat and maintain your rod, the better it will perform in catching fish for you.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them and I will respond.

Happy Fishing,

Cory Haasnoot


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