Frabill Ice Shelter Review – Aegis 2000

Product: Frabill Aegis 2000 
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Dimensions and Weight: 83"L x 58"W x 61.5"H, 53lbs
Warranty: 1-year Limited
My Rating: 9.1 out of 10

Today I will be writing a Frabill ice shelter review on the Aegis 2000. This flip-over is one of Frabill’s less expensive lines of ice shelters. Frabill has five ice shelters in the Aegis line-up, and they are all well-built flip-over ice shelters for the price.

Frabill is a solid company

Frabill has been around since 1938. It started with five members of the Matra family, Frank, Bill, Earl, Michael, and Ed, and the first two members Frank and Bill are how they came up with the Frabill brand name. The Fra in Frank and Bill equals Frabill! Pretty clever huh?

Anyway, they have been around for more than 70-years. Frabill has produced some excellent ice fishing and open water fishing products throughout the years.

Now that you have a little history of the Frabill company and how it was founded let’s get into the

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Frabill Ice Shelter Review – Aegis 2000

Aegis is named after the shield that protected the god Zeus from Greek mythology. So these shelters must be tough as nails! Just a little useless trivia you can use around the campfire to impress your friends with lol. 🙂

The Aegis 2000 fits two people comfortably and has a spacious room inside for your ice fishing pleasure. It’s a flip-over type ice shelter. You just set it up, flip it right over crawl in and start ice fishing. Or you can flip it over yourself and start fishing. It doesn’t matter how you do it because it is lightweight and easy to transport.

Aegis 2000 Product Details

The Aegis 2000 dimensions when it is set up are 83″L x 58″W x 61.5″H. The fishable square feet is 19.5 and is made out of 300 denier fabric. Denier fabric is a durable and long-lasting material. It will keep the wind out on those cold frostbit days out on the ice. It comes in a contemporary style. At only 53lbs it’s easy to haul this shelter around on the ice. You could fold it up and throw it over your shoulder.

The openings and windows are in optimal places around the ice shelter. The Aegis also comes with a front door with a heavy-duty zipper attached. It’s durable and lightweight. The housing comes with two padded trunks under the seats for separate added storage space — plenty of room to do your fishing with a patented modular seating system for two.

This ice shelter has built-in storage and rod holders. Which is a plus so that you can put the gear you are not using out of the way. Does not come insulated but a little space heater like Mr. Heater will keep it warm and cozy enough so that you can enjoy yourself ice fishing.


The Frabill Aegis 2000 ice shelter is a great beginner ice shack. It’s bare-bones, but it will keep you out of the elements and keep the wind off of your face. Like I said earlier if you put a little electric space heater in there like a Mr. Heater you will stay toasty warm even when it is frozen outside.

The price is right at only $379.99. Durable and light to carry around. Easy set-up, stiff fabric, and plenty of fishable space for two people you can’t go wrong. Try this one out if you’re getting into ice fishing or it would make an excellent gift for someone you might know that’s just starting in this sport.

I hope you got some useful information out of this Frabill ice shelter review. In the future I will be doing more reviews of other Frabill ice shelters and products so bookmark for future reviews.

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Frabill Aegis 2000

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  • Fits Two People Comfortably
  • Padded Trunk
  • 19.5 Square Feet Of Fishable Space


  • Not Insulated

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5 thoughts on “Frabill Ice Shelter Review – Aegis 2000”

  1. I know it’s not insulated, but the price really is great on this one.  My son has taken to ice fishing, and he desperately needs supplies if he wants to go out without his one friend who ice fishes.  He would like to be able to go himself or with other friends, so he needs supplies.  I’ve been pricing the huts, but oh dear they can be expensive.  He’s not one to get real cold, but I like your suggestion of a portable heater, I think he would do fine with that.  He has some great gear for keeping warm because he hikes a lot, so I think he’ll be fine with this one.  Like I said, the price is right!  Thanks.

  2. Now that looks like a great ice hut.  I do a lot of ice fishing here in Alberta Canada and a hut is absolutely a must as the winds can get crazy out here.

    This look like a great hut and I would like to say thank you for a great review.  I am absolutely going to take a closer look and you never know you might have a customer.


  3. Guess the site caught my interest…

    Definitely peeked my interest finding out it was named after the shield that protected the god Zeus from Greek mythology… Seems like a solid product and looks stylish as well but how does it hold up again high winds?

    Maybe a dumb question but I am just learning about ice fishing and thought wind could cause an issue with stability!

    • Most shelters come with anchors that you can anchor the shelter to the ice with. You can also pack snow around the outer bottom flaps to hold the shelter down.

  4. Thank you for this great review about this ice shelter, I think this will be a great gift for my friend.

    I have a friend who lives in Alaska and He loves to go fishing,every time we talk, he always tells me about fishing and always inviting me to go with him to Alaska.

    I will bookmark your site and will asking if he does ice finish, I think he will love this ice shelter, if he does it will be he’s New year present.


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